The Satanic relationship to technology


Technology either liberates or enslaves.  Technology is a tool, the individual is either the slave or the master of the tool.  This blog post addresses the relationship between Satanist and technology, based on two principles:

  1. The Satanist is the principle authority over their own life.
  2. Satanism is a path of wisdom born of experience.

The smartphone

The smartphone is a tool, an example of a technology that many individuals use each day.

When there is an accident, or a beautiful rainbow or a child is singing a funny song, the instinctive reaction of many is to film it on their smartphone.  The smartphone causes the individual to have a relationship to the event of observer rather than of experience, there is no wisdom born of this action.  Technology commonly becomes the barrier of experience, the individual is the perpetual onlooker, an activity of ignorance rather than of wisdom.

Many individuals post their photos and film to social media.  Their motivation for this activity is the seeking of approval of others.  The individual becomes the slave of the judgement and approval of external authorities to praise them for the content they shared and posted to social media.

How many allow their smartphone to spy on them, or allow marketing people to cold call and spam them with unwanted products and services? In these situations the individual is the slave to the smartphone.

The smartphone is an example of the many interactions the individual has with technology, the question is if the individual is the master or slave, and if their tool is one that enhances wisdom through experience, or consigns the individual to ignorant passivity as an observer of their life and environment.

The ideal of technology becoming alike to a daemonic familiar. 

People in the movie Golden Compass had a constant spirit companion called a daemon, similar to the idea that Satanists in bygone years had daemonic familiars acting in their service.  I consider the ideal technological tool to be a living organic entity in the service of their user.  The tool in this situation places the individual always in a position of authority and experience rather than as a passive observing slave.  The Satanist always has the choice to examine their relationship with technology at each moment, asking the question of if in that moment they are master or slave, and on the path of wisdom through experience or of ignorance as a passive observer.


24 thoughts on “The Satanic relationship to technology

    • Temple of Set is a breakaway from the Church of Satan, and have a well ordered and stable group. Temple of Set is a branch of the Left Hand Path, and tend to keep themselves to themselves. There is not much to say about them other than they are not controversial, and exhibit group-minded mentality that I have no enthusiasm for.

      • Many will walk over a dying child in the street and film it for YouTube instead of calling 911..I’m a fan of your blog, I’m a former Theistic Satanist, that’s what brought me into Magick, Much of my heart is still left handed, but now to anti human to Care about Earth, now I wish to cleanse my soul”if it exists”so I can get the hell out of here, and God forbid we reincarnated, I’d rather be sent to the darkest pit in Hell then ever deal with life and people again.

      • I share your dismay at the vast majority of the species that identify as the human race. Most of these people in time will get the kicking they deserve when the various economic, political and social systems that all depend upon collapse through unsustainable human activity.

      • Yes, I once thought I had friends and Family, I hit a rough patch,ended up HOMELESS in the street and shelters,meanwhile I was working the whole time,not one person offered to rent me a room or couch until I got back on my feet, they ALL turned on me,Then I got caught up in the so called system and say more inhumane human behavior, Finally my childhood hood best fried managed to help me get an apartment,and slowly I’m rebuilding,but I kinda hate everyone now.I see that all we have is ourselves,and half the time we let ourselves down!lol…

      • You can be proud of yourself for overcoming your challenges, you are the stronger for it. Sadly, in my experience the majority of humanity are more inclined to push the homeless further into the abyss than help them out. I know of too many soldiers who fought for their country, were injured in mind or body, then at the end of their service became homeless, and nobody gave a fuck about them. In the end the individual is the agent of their own rise or fall, they cannot always rely on others to help them out.

      • Thanks, and very true,Half of the Shelter system were mentally ill War Vets.They should be given instant housing and SSI, let the political leaders send their children off to war if they don’t want to take care of injured vets who are not their blood

      • That would be the best way,like the Anicent cultures,Odysseus was first on the front lines, not only do we sent troops out, but we keep the kids in until they get killed or lose limbs,in the old ways oncd theu tour was over they sent them home then the next round came in,today they stop loss everyone,the odds are after numerous tours they get fucked up or killed.

      • They usually try to recruit them so young, when their minds are not yet fully formed, making them psychologically more vulnerable to the stresses of war. The support for veterans of these tours is poor.

      • Exactly and Sadam Warned that fact, He said in America, we take kids whom still have pimples, many whom are virgins fresh out of school and throw them into war zones with Gorilla killers, meaning grown men 40 and up who have trained at battle since the age of 5 to fight and kill.Not only is the target base for our military youths they are heavily made up of individuals from big city’s welfare systems or country folk from towns no bigger then 100 people.It’s a very sick system

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