Satanic view on rights and liberties

Nature and Life is like the child fighting the Sumo wrestler.

The individual is like the child, nature and life is like the sumo wrestler that the child faces in contest.

The demonic cat and mouse.

My demonic cat recently caught a mouse, ate it alive as I watched, the crunching bones audible, before the cat moved on to harass me for a share of my tuna.  Mice in nature have no rights or liberties, they live and die based upon their ability to survive in a hostile environment.  Nature (and life) is like the sumo wrestler in the image to the left, it takes no prisoners, it is down to the individual to sink or swim in the arena of war.

Human rights and liberties, a tool of control by the State.

On inventing civilization humanity created artificial rights and liberties designed that a mass of humans could live together without killing each other.  The State is nothing more than a tool designed so that a group of people can pool their resources for common benefit.  Reality, the State divides people into the ruled and the ruler, and it becomes the ruler rather than the ruled who creates rights and liberties to benefit the ruler not the ruled; the State as a tool of benefit for all is long dead.

Islamic State is a mockery of human rights and liberties.

The Islamic State is a living mockery of artificial rights and liberties, it has committed every atrocity and perversion known to mankind, a monstrosity created and supported by various ruling elites around the world.  The latest atrocity by IS is the visiting of death upon scores of civilians in Paris, an hypocritical example of a religion ignoring fundamental invented rights and liberties in its own holy book that prohibits harm to innocent civilians in war.

The execution of Jihadi John – fuck human rights.

The USA executed the poster-boy of IS known in the media as Jihadi John, a real-life example of a murderous psycho all the fantasists living in their moms basements in the Order of Nine Angles have wet dreams about wanting to be.  The leader of the political opposition in the UK complained how Jihadi John should have been given a fair trial and a life prison sentence in a UK jail.  Fuck that! Give me the army and the resources and I will go after IS killing every one of them, women and children included; black flag all the way, screw their human rights and liberties.

Paris killings spark more destruction of human rights and liberties of civilians.

On the back of the latest religion-inspired mass killings by religious fanatics the ruler has begun to remove more rights and liberties of the ruled; bans on protests in Paris, restrictions of freedom of movement and extension of spying on civilians.

Hampstead witchfinders – another mockery of human rights and liberties.

Those who support the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax have harassed, abused and invaded the personal lives of hundreds of innocent people, including children.  Some of those witchfinders scream how their rights and liberties are violated when the innocent and the ruling authorities take action against them.  Islamic State and the Hampstead witchfinders are a living mockery of artificial human rights and liberties.

Satanists have no need for human rights and liberties.

As a Satanist I delight in that pure form of nature expressed between the cat and the unfortunate mouse, a state of existence without the taint of subjective inventions like human rights and liberties.  The Satanist is more pure to the truth that nature is, because the Satanist accepts responsibility that they are the agent and authority of their own rise and fall in life.  The Satanist has no need for the artificial rules of external authorities dictating what is their rights and liberties.  Even though the Satanist will use all tools to personal advantage, including the human rights laws, the Satanist is able to survive in the most restrictive of tyrannies, because they learn to adapt, using cunning to play the system to their own advantage.  Whilst most people will protest about the increasing powers and ability of authorities to monitor and spy on them, the Satanist designs and uses methods such as TOR and encryption to counter the authorities.  As like the mouse, the Satanist is the agent of their own rights and liberties, using whatever tools and strategies to rise above whatever the sumo wrestler in life throws at them.  It would be better to get rid of all this nonsense of human rights and liberties, to live in a pure environment of the cat and the mouse; let nature eliminate the weak rubbish such as Islamic State, Order of Nine Angles and Hampstead witchfinders instead of sustaining this cancer on the human race because of considerations of their human rights and liberties.


33 thoughts on “Satanic view on rights and liberties

  1. “Whilst most people will protest about the increasing powers and ability of authorities to monitor and spy on them, the Satanist designs and uses methods such as TOR and encryption to counter the authorities. ”

    Protesting is a total waste of good energy. They don’t care about protests because it’s a pressure release valve that dissipates energy that could be used more constructively, or destructively.

    There was a time when I would disagree with you on liberty and human rights. I’ve learned that some, or most, cannot handle liberty and rights so they must be restricted. To be free, all they have to do is claim their freedom, but just the thought of doing this is terrifying to them.

    • Most people are afraid of empowerment because that means they will have to take responsibility for their own actions, it is far easier for them to be lazy and stupid by giving power to others and then complaining when those authorities misuse and abuse the power they gave to them. The power of authorities exist by the choice of the ruled, since the politician and business cannot survive without support. People have the power to bring about constructive change in this world by embracing personal power, rather than give it to others. There is no need for an external list of rights and liberties, because those who embrace empowerment will respect the ability of others to do the same.

      Yes, the authorities love tools like social media, because it offers a release to frustrated protesters, whilst they monitor those activities on a constant basis through their spy agencies. Life has never been more easier for a spy as citizens vomit their life and thought onto places like Facebook.

  2. Well basically I can said unfortunately our world isn’t perfect at all and nothing is perfect in their own rights. Just my opinion btw nothing much.

  3. As thrilling as pure nature might be, I don’t think I would want to live in a world where every human is subject only to the game of cat and mouse. I feel we would have no freedom in that state of affairs and liberty could not exist because in an environment where there is only the strong dominating the weak, there’d be no liberty because everyone is constantly taking it away by dominating each other rather than allowing our fellow man to live freely provided they not harm or coerce others. Liberty is ultimately dependent on there being an orderly system predicated on its preservation, rather than on total lawlessness. I would argue that if we lived in a purely cat and mouse world, the likes of IS or the Hampstead witchfinders would have more of an advantage than you might think they do. They may seem weak in our environment, but if they lived in a world where they could indulge in their whims with next to no resistance, no guarantee of justice, then they could easily gain more power and influence than they do now and use it to oppress the people. I would dare argue the same for Anonymous and their ilk when they inevitably descend into purely a mob.

    I’ll admit our concept of human rights can be daffy and restrictive in that it makes no allowances for any kind of “eye for an eye” justice that would be reserved for the likes of Jihadi John, but I feel this is largely down to our modern notion of morality, which I think needs to be reformed more than anything else.

    I actually think it is worth raising voices in anger and outrage at the corrosion of civil liberty, obviously not on the backs of empty slogans and memes, but I would say that if we don’t show intolerance towards the corrosion of liberty in same way or another, then the world will continue to experience said corrosion unabated, and no energy would be directed towards a world wherein liberty is held high rather than consistently undermined.

    • Ideally rights and liberties starts and ends with self, rather than with an external authority, but when people live in the institution of the city state, and most are too lazy, greedy and stupid to respect the rights of others, then rules have to be created enforced by an external authority.

      If anything, I wish to emphasis the key message of this blog post that Satanists have no need for rights and liberties enforced by external authorities. If all lived by the Satanic ideal, then because those of the LHP are lovers of liberty, then they will offer the same to others of what they enjoy. Also, the concept of lex talionis, which is a like for like response to those that do harm, will be enough to make Hampstead witchfinders and the Islamic State think twice before doing what they have been doing. These Hampstead witchfinders for instance have been indulging in an intensive harrassment campaign against innocent people for over a year, and hide behind the protections the law gives them. They would not be so quick to defame Satanists with lurid stories of baby killing and cannibalism if Satanists turned up on their doorstep and gave them a good kicking.

      • The ultimate problem is that we are not all lovers of liberty, or at least not in the same sense that those of the LHP are, and I reckon most of us will never have this love, though I would dearly love to see a world where we all did live by the love of liberty in the LHP sense. I would say what’s why I put some hope in the enterprise of the likes of the Greater Church of Lucifer for their efforts to influence the public consciousness.

      • Agreed. Illogical social constructs like gender-segregated bathrooms lead me to have thoughts of self-harm. I just want to go into the ‘wrong’ toilets so much just to say “SEE! You can’t make me do what you want. I am not yours,” to society but I can’t.. I just can’t.

        I just got to keep on trying to break down these barriers in my head bought on my past Christianity, society and my own family.

        My family wants me to conform but I just want to be FREE! Free to live as I want. People stare at me when I am myself, they mock me. They shout and yell cause I fidget. I cry and cry then I am asked to act normal. My mum once cried because I fidgeted. I am not normal. I was never normal. It’s forcing a square peg into a round hole.

    • Rules about human rights should be based on evolution.

      Our species evolution. Reciprocal altruism has played a huge role in our species’ evolution.

      The Jihadists broke the rules of reciprocal altruism. They should by the concept of reciprocal altruism itself, receive no or less altruism from us. Or perhaps they should receive a lot of therapy and rehabilitation services as they are probably not 100% well.

      I don’t think that giving less or no altruism works for the people who are not mentally well as they do not know what they are really doing thus punishing them by revoking altruism services may backfire and make it worse.

      • Satanism has the concept of Lex talionis, shich is to treat those the same as they treat the self; example. if Islamic State chooses to offer no mercy to their prisoners, then the world has no duty to show the members of Islamic State any mercy.

      • With regards to the jihadists (which ISIL are a current example of): they conquer territory, they kill and rape innocents, and they destroy everything that contradicts their interpretation of Islam. Even if not that, they’re out to attack what we stand for with direct violence and confrontation. And they have no interest in any kind of compromise. Therapy is not an option you should offer to someone who’s gunning for your head and won’t back down until they it.

      • Judging from a statistical study, the worse method to stop terrorists is using the military.

        So blazing in with guns won’t work. How I laugh at the gun nuts that say their guns will protect them.

        Terrorism is a problem. The question is what is the best way to prevent and reduce the rate of terrorism. I will follow scientific research rather than lex talionis.

        We need studies ASAP on how to prevent and reduce of terrorism. If the US is no inclined to stop terrorism, then why don’t they actually do some science? Well, I never expected the US to be logical in mind.

      • It is said that what one individual calls a terrorist another calls a freedom fighter. Where there are individuals prepared to infringe the liberties of others, especially of life and property, in the name of their ideology, then multiple methods might be required to eliminate that threat.

      • 40% of terrorist organisations stop because of law enforcement so perhaps the police and law needs to be tougher on ISIS. People are dying. The US government is not helping much by spending money on the military.

        Gun control laws should be made tougher so there is a lesser chance of terrorists getting their hands on guns.
        Even if you don’t think gun control will help stop the terrorists, a benefit of tighter gun control at home:

      • Most people are lazy and stupid, which when there is a gun in the house with a child, is a lethal combination. Guns are designed to kill, and if the gun lobby wishes to argue that people rather than guns kill, then the statistics show that too many people are irresponsible to be allowed unrestricted access to a range of guns. There is no need for instance for anyone to own a powerful assault rifle over a simple handgun, if their argument is self defense.

      • America,
        the land where
        the regulation sucks.

        Honestly I wish the US, will just get their act together and actually do something to stop the terrorists effectively. Their methods of guns, guns, guns and tanks isn’t working. They just end up killing innocent bystanders with their bombs.

        A bombed country Laos is still suffering the effects of US military action.

        You are right, a whole bunch of techniques will be needed to neutralize ISIS.

        I won’t be upset if you strange an ISIS member(as along as the ISIS member isn’t a brainwashed child or has a mental illness etc).

  4. The Order of Nine Angles advocates that its Initiates take on insight roles within extremist organizations. Specifically it recommends both national socialism and Islamic fundamentalism as possible brands of extremism to embrace. O9A advocates extremism not for the sake of the extremist doctrines themselves, but for the specific purpose of destabilizing the Magian/Nazarene world culture so that a Satanic Era (the Imperium) will be established. This Satanic Era is described as being very “cat and mouse.” No nation-states at all and no artificial rights. Only Sinister individuals living by a system of tribal “kindred honor.” I don’t see the difference between what you are advocating and what the O9A see as the end game and what ISIS is actually carrying out: in the end isn’t the common denominator a desire to let Social Darwinism be and stop interfering via our nation-states and “concern for the least of these” and Magian/Nazarene values/thought forms?

  5. What do you think about The Satanic Temple’s extremely liberal stances lately? You know, crying about Syrian refugees, offering to personally defend Muslims from persecution, etc?

    They started out true to the Left Hand Path, but now I think they’re just a bunch of social justice warriors masquerading as Satanists while shitting on the core ideas of Satanism.

    • I would say that the moment one small section of society is being discriminated against then it becomes open season for all minorities. Recently Donald Trump suggested that all Muslims in the USA should be put on a database, this could easily have been a suggestion that all those of the LHP be on a database. Then what? We then have the slippery slope of those on the database being monitored, restricted in their activities and having their children taken away. Those of the LHP love their liberty, so by the same token those liberties are respected as sacred by the LHPer in others. It works both ways, the other minorities that start losing their rights and liberties set the ball rolling for the same to happen to LHPers. As much as I dislike this immigration and the Islamic religion, there is more at stake by not opposing the onward attack on minorities by the majority aka Christians.

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