Challenging the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse

This week this writer has spoken with or been in e-mail communication with the police, media and various organizations in what has become an information war with those promoting the Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse hoax.  Hoaxstead Research is a wordpress based blog that has been the principle source of information and coordination of those opposed to the Hampstead hoax.

Three cohorts of people who promote SRA.

There are at least three cohorts of people who would benefit from persuading the world Satanists abuse and kill children as part of a widespread cult of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  The first cohort are the therapists and other experts, who stand to make a vast fortune from an industry dealing with SRA.  The second cohort are the Christian evangelists, who would seek to wipe out Satanism on the back of fear and falsehood of SRA.  The third cohort are the conspiracy industry, who believe that an organized Satanic or Luciferian elite is running the world, and is responsible for all perceived injustices against the citizen.

Involvement of Satanists in Satanic Ritual Abuse is a fiction.

In reality there has never been any evidence of SRA, nor is child sexual abuse a particular problem in Satanism, in contrast to the widespread issues the Roman Catholic Church has with institutionalized child sexual abuse.  Most of those accused of SRA have been ordinary people, mostly Christians. Jews as a race are not Satanists, and the number of Satanists in political office are too few to make any viable difference in world politics.  The few isolated cases where an individual harmed a child whilst claiming an affiliation to Satanism on examination revealed an individual who was mentally ill or was largely ignorant about Satanism.  Satanic groups such as Church of Satan and Temple of Set ban any involvement of children with their activities.  Even the notorious Order of Nine Angles bans harm to children.

The fiction of those who claim to have suffered SRA.

Practically all those who claim SRA are vulnerable and suggestible individuals who have been led to believe their fiction by pro-SRA authority figures, or discredited techniques using hypnotherapy.  Adults who claim SRA are usually mentally ill, with many suffering Multiple Personality Disorder.  Children who claim SRA have in every case been coached to make those claims by an adult, in the case of Hampstead an adult used drugs, violence and intimidation to get two children to make their elaborate SRA fictions.  In the 1960/70’s the victim of sexual abuse might claim sexual abuse during an alien abduction, but in the following decades it has evolved into an elusive Satanic cult of abusers.  Whilst some who make SRA allegations were subject to real child abuse, sadly they have been persuaded to add fictions to their child abuse claims, making it impossible for them to obtain the support and justice they need.

Challenging SRA wherever it rises.

All child abuse should be reported, investigated and prosecuted.  If the child abuse is real, the investigation and prosecution will substantiate it.  If an individual believes they have been sexually abused, then they should report it to the police.  When individuals or groups go about claiming SRA without the support of a successful prosecution, they should be vigorously challenged.  Satanists and other minorities targeted by  SRA have a lot to lose if those who promote SRA fictions are successful in influencing the public mind: which includes loss of liberty to express their beliefs in a free democracy; having their children taken into care; being associated and treated in the same manner as a paedophile; being legitimately discriminated against, for instance employment positions.

A blogger who claimed to have suffered SRA was upset when this writer offered an alternative view to their situation.  Such individuals live in a cocoon of fantasy where all their readers reinforce their SRA delusion by accepting and giving support to those claims without question.  It is beneficial to those with mental issues to gain an alternative opinion, and it is good that SRA claims are seen to be challenged when they are made in the public domain.


31 thoughts on “Challenging the myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse

  1. Reblogged this on HOAXTEAD RESEARCH and commented:
    The myth of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ is a critical underpinning of Hoaxtead. Those who promote the Hampstead hoax insist that not only does SRA exist, but it’s endemic in ‘elite’ areas such as Hampstead. Our friend SatanicViews has written a very succinct and useful summary of the sorts of people who believe in SRA, their motivations, and the damage they ultimately do to survivors of sexual abuse.

  2. If you don’t mind this slightly unrelated comment, I think it’s pretty weird that the same organization that believes in “culling” and is known for violent beliefs actually bans children from participating in its practices. It’s probably for the best that they do, but I can’t help but wonder about it.

  3. I agree with lots of what You are saying. But I do not deny that sra does happen although it is rare it happens. People are people and in all walks of life you have people who do fucked up shit. But unlike the catholic church I will not brush it under the rug.
    A mentally ill person could be a Satanist you choose to accept them or not is up to you.

      • Ok that is a decent opinionated definition. I look at it like this Satan is a word which means adversary it is not a name. So a Satanist is adversarial in nature. Satanism to me is a religion and philosophy based on individual freedom. So lets use an example that guy Pazuzu who killed himself in Jail called himself a Satanist. Many Satanists want nothing to do with him and that is understandable. what we can not deny is that he lived the life of a Satanist so he was a Satanist what he may have done where things that I would never agree with and he is not someone I would had hung around but I would not take away his right to call him a Satanist. Here is another example my friend his mother was a Laveyian modern Satanist. she sexually assaulted my friend over and over until he just thought his mother was making him feel good. where her motives Satanic? that would depend on who you ask again i DO NOT LIKE that type of thing and am against it. But who am I to tell a person they are not who they are? the reality is that People are people and we all are capable of good and bad but those concepts are also subjective. Satanists are no exception.

      • I agree that truth can be subjective. It is down to the individual Satanist to determine what is their sense of truth, and thus determine what they consider is Satanism to them.

    • Thank you very much. I appreciate your honest and sensible reply here. I am part of the person who the blogger refers to as the “living in a cocoon fantasy, mentally ill, and upset” when they offered an “alternative” on one of our posts.
      Ahh, alternative. If you link to it under the lovely pink “upset” you will see their response. Basically that we should stop “obsessing on SRA that is bullshit and may possibly find the answers to our mental challenges. Time for us to get a reality check” (paraphrased.)
      Yes..that was their alternative. I say “we” because we have Dissociative Identity Disorder due to the severe abuse we went through as a child. Part of that was SRA. Their comment was on the previous post, that barely mentioned SRA. Mot of our blog does not center on it, but it is as you described so well, and was actually part of our comment. Anyone can call themselves a Satanist and or practice the darker sides of it, and there are dark sides to everything. There are bad people everywhere.
      Thank you so much for this comment. I did not think I would see a day I would thank a Satanist, but I am thanking you.
      The owner of this blog did not respond to our reply. Nor to our post. He simply edited this one and gave us our own section. Now, I am checking it tonight.
      I wonder, will they have the guts to put this comment through to thank you for your rational thought.


  4. Reblogged this on Refractory Ramblings From The Darkside and commented:
    I am reblogging this post. There is one person who comments on here “Traditional Church of Satan” who is actually ration and admits to SRA. I thanked him, and of course, it is in moderation.
    This is the Satanist blogger who commented on our post that we were bullshit.
    Then, he edited a post and changed the date giving us our own section.
    Without replying to CC’s comment or post Blogging SRA. Real balls, huh?
    The blogger likes to make himself out to be a god, as well as pretend that all children should be safe. Blame the Catholic Church but with no real admittance to what goes on in the name of his religion.
    So, fuck them. But, thanking the one truly honest person who commented.
    Reblogged by Trinity
    I’m back

    • The problem with SRA is, that it is so easily faked.

      Science and evidence cannot prove a negative, only positive. (Laymen translation: It’s possible that SRA happens but there’s no hard evidence on its existence.)

      Experiences and anecdotes do not count as hard evidence. Sorry about your suffering but chances are its probably just false memories.

      False Memory Syndrome Foundation:

      More information:

      • Thank you so much for your interesting layman’s translation, Sassy. It is quite interesting that you are telling me that my experiences are false.
        Using the FMSF as your evidence. Perhaps, you should look into the background of the groups you use to back up your hard evidence.
        Just a thought.
        It matters not to me what you believe or don’t believe.

      • The FMSF isn’t my evidence. The SBM link is.

        Also you really need evidence(not anecdotes) to back up your allegations of SRA.

      • The witchfinders tend to treat people as guilty, then look for or falsify evidence to fit their accusations. The witchfinders then demand that the authorities arrest, convict and execute their innocent victims, and when rejected they scream “conspiracy.”

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