Nature, Religion, Groups and Independent Satanism

The following are quick personal views on certain philosophical points:


External to self, nature is the ultimate authority.  Nature is the sum of everything. All that has ever existed, does exist and will exist is part of nature. There is nothing beyond or outside of nature.  Nature is an information system.  The language of nature is mathematical, organized in patterns.  If there is one external authority worth working with it is nature. The only truth worth knowing is what is observed, demonstrated and experienced in nature.


Satanic Temple, Greater Church of Lucifer and even the Church of Satan regard the branches of the Left Hand Path such as Satanism or Luciferianism as a religion.  There are many interpretations of what a religion is.  The current definition of religion by this writer is:

“An orientation that defines the self, the world and the place of self in the world. “

Based upon the above definition this writer considers Satanism as a religion.


Nature consists of patterns, the human mind can convert those patterns into tools in which to manipulate the world.  The car, the State, the internet are all tools.  Groups such as Satanic Temple or the Greater Church of Lucifer are also tools.  For those that join groups, the challenge, is the tool or the self master in their own life? Satanic Temple is a tool for the individual to manifest their will as social-political activists in the issue of separation of Church and State, or the rights of minorities.  The Greater Church of Lucifer is a tool that offers the first viable international point of meeting of Luciferians to learn about the complex philosophies of Luciferianism.  For those that participate with groups, there is nothing wrong with using any tool to benefit the self, but once the tool becomes the master of self, then those individuals no longer walk the Left Hand Path, they have embraced the Right Hand Path outlook.

Independent Satanism.

The current personal definition of the Left Hand Path:

“The path where the individual retains personal sovereignty over their choices and will to action in all situations in their life.”

Satanism is a branch of the Left Hand Path.  The essence of Satanism is the individual, the self.  In Satanism there is no master but self in their own life.  The focus of Satanism is purely selfish, focused on satisfying the needs, dreams and goals of self.  Only the Independent Satanist truly expresses the authentic core of Satanism, which is the selfish self.

Satanism is not Luciferianism, for the Luciferian is motivated to benefit humanity through their individual activities, whereas the Satanist focus starts and stops with self.

Just as a child needs a parent to act as a “tool” to help them in the world, there is a time when the adult must let go of such tools and seek their destiny alone. The groups are tools that the Satanist can use to advance their goals, but if the Satanist desires to follow the path of Independent Satanism, they must reject all affiliation with Satanic groups.

7 thoughts on “Nature, Religion, Groups and Independent Satanism

  1. This is very interesting, SV. I confess to knowing very little about ‘real’ Satanism, though I’m well aware it’s nothing like what the witch-finders of Hoaxtead believe it to be. Excellent food for thought.

    1. I am glad you found this useful. Unfortunately there are numerous ignorant people such as the witchfinders of Hoaxtead who paint Satanism according to their own typical prejudices and agendas. Satanism has and always will be about the advancement of self, and has zero to do with harm to life and property in order to please Satan as some seem to think.

  2. “The words of another are an affront to the self”. Those aren’t my words, but they easily could be. Independent is where it’s at. Anything else is being dependent. There’s too much scattering and wasting energy and time when it comes to groups.

  3. interesting post, and clearly expressed, very nice. Agree completely on the primacy of the individual, and the contingent nature of the tools of social organization. If I were to take your personal definition of “religion”, I would certainly count my Satanism as a religion, though obviously it could also be counted as a philosophy. In some ways I am more inclined to consider myself without religion, due to the many other conflicting (and common) definitions of religion, though I am happy to support alternative definitions of religion, as a transformed definition contributes to the same end.

    1. One of the benefits of considering Satanism as a religion is that various laws can be leveraged such as freedom of religious expression, hate crime, anti-discrimination etc. Indeed, Satanism can be also seen as a philosophy rather than as a religion, it really is down to the individuals personal preference.

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