Satanic Ritual Abuse and the mentally ill

It is said that moths are attracted to the flame, and seems to me after following the painfully evolving SRA hoax in Hampstead that the characters that support SRA fall into one of two groups: the scammers who seek fame or financial gain from these hoaxes; and the mentally ill.  The SRA hoax in Hampstead feature scammers such as Abraham Christie, who initiated the hoax, and Belinda McKenzie, who perpetuated the hoax.  In my opinion the cranks and the mentally ill have swarmed onto the Hampstead and other SRA hoaxes like flies onto shit, orchestrated and manipulated by the Christies and McKenzies of this world.

It saddens me that an intelligent writer who has contributed a lot to the Left Hand Path has become the latest champion of SRA hoaxes. The individual, Nathaniel J Harris, has recently visited the Satanicviews blog and contributed a large number of comments in support of SRA, sadly pandering the same falsehoods and fictions as so many of these witchfinders.  Doing a background check on the internet there is a suggestion that Harris is mentally ill as per Mandrake of Oxford.

There is little point this blog contributing valuable time to debating SRA with the alleged mentally ill, especially when the evidence they present are clear fictions, lacking critical thinking and zero evidence.  We wish Harris the best in recovering from his mental challenges, but we will not be hosting any further of his comments.  His existing comments will be left visible for a while, but this blogger will probably delete some of them.


25 thoughts on “Satanic Ritual Abuse and the mentally ill

  1. It’s always difficult to navigate the fine line between ‘free discussion’ and ‘censorship’, but I think when unhinged people begin to use other people’s blogs as platforms for their own unsubstantiated beliefs, you really must put your foot down. Very interesting post; will reblog. Cheers!

    • Yes it is a “fine line,” but with wisdom from experience the blogger can judge when the line is crossed. Satanicviews has a relaxed view towards comments, and if this individual wants to have a right to reply to this blog post, it will probably be allowed.

  2. Reblogged this on HOAXTEAD RESEARCH and commented:
    Most of our regular readers will be familiar with Satanicviews, a regular commenter whose common-sense approach enlightens and informs. Here’s his latest post, on the myth of SRA and its proponents. Thanks, SV!

  3. I just glanced thru his blog. How is he of the LHP? And intelligent? Sorry, but I just don’t see it. It’s like the rantings of a butthurt teenager, and not a 45 y/o man.

    All I see is someone trying to make himself sound more important than he is, and giving threats. For example there is this quote”

    “The guilty amongst modern occultism have put great efforts into slandering me, claiming I have somehow lost my senses. This is easily disproven by talking to me for long enough. There will be plenty of shit over them all, very soon, when it hits the fan. Don’t be standing on the wrong side of that!”

    Oh no! Dont be standing on the wrong side of that! Yeah, better not mess with him. He sounds like a tough guy. (sarcasm)

      • Evidently you know much more about him than I do. I’m just not ready to point to mental illness as an explanation for his writings. In my opinion that is too convenient.

        Some people aren’t insane, they’re just stupid. Or they are charlatans that think they aren’t getting the following they think they deserve, so they change course. IOW, they are parasitic VIP wannabees, no different than some former “satanists” that make the rounds on the christian talk show circuit and make these SRA allegations.

        If he is so worried about conspiracies involving sexual abuse of children, he need look no further than the Vatican. Has be ever mentioned the Vatican? Probably not, unless he quotes someone like Malachi Martin about Satanists in the Vatican.

      • Very good point, if there was a proven cesspit of pedophiliac corruption that has destroyed hundreds of thousands of children’s lives it is the Catholic priests and the Vatican. Yet, it is too mundane to go and campaign against pedophilia in the Catholic Church, the witchfinders prefer to make up crazy stories of Satanists involved in widespread raping and killing of children. The reality is that the number of Satanists proven to have harmed children is so small as to be a negligible issue in Satanism.

  4. you too SV? I had quite a few comments from him yesterday and today, and I’ve exhausted the rational discussion. I felt he had some problems early on, then I found the same note on the Mandrake Press website that you did through a search. I think the guy really is suffering quite a lot. I’m really sorry it came to that

    • Seems he has been searching WordPress and finding blogs that discussed SRA. It is sad to see a LHP thinker/writer turn out like this. I fortunately concluded very quickly that rational debate with this individual would be pointless.

  5. I followed his blog for a long time, studying everything that he put up on it quite carefully.
    In the beginning, I thought it was possible that he might really have information about a child or some children who were suffering abuse in the here & now, and that I might be able to help him make sense of the situation and obtain help for the alleged victim(s), whom he claimed to be powerless to help on his own. When he later posted an account of “his troubles”, which included the information that he had supposedly been accused of abusing the same child or children himself, I concluded this puzzle was too hot a potato for an outsider to safely interact with.

    I knew very little about him, prior to this pro-SRA blog authorship. Having now read many things by him, authored both before and after the blog started, and investigated other writers that he is alleged to have ‘inspired’ or contributed to their own writings in some manner, I developed a much lower opinion of him than you have expressed here. That’s all I will say about that.

    Yes, Mr Harris strikes me as suffering from a mental disorder, but a systemic one. Something that could perhaps be controlled, (if he was a willing participant in the effort), but not something that he could be “cured” of or forever freed from.

    • I am wondering if he has become involved in discredited therapies that contribute to false memory, or has been subject to abuse by people in his childhood. Whatever disorder that he suffers, it has impacted his critical thinking and sense of reality.

    • Hi Nathaniel, thanks for your comments. All I can say is that SRA is after many decades unproved, and you offer no new information to change that situation. I do not know you, or your personal situation, I can only go by what I have read in your comments, and what your peers have said. I wish you well in the future, but I will not be hosting any further comments from you on this blog.

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  7. Reblogged this on Nathaniel J. Harris and commented:
    I am reblogging this to illustrate what happens when attempts are made to interrupt the circular thinking of Satanic cultists. Since the authors have declared their unwillingness to allow any reply, I shall make a few comments here.

    Firstly, allegations of mental illness, made without evidence, are slander. It should come as no surprise that I have been interviewed by psychiatrists during my campaign to see justice for ‘Child X’. I have already mentioned this elsewhere on my blog. I have been found quite sane, and will be taking legal action against my slanderers at the appropriate time.

    I would just like to mention that I also hold down a good job, where I engage with police and legal services on a regular basis. Would this be possible if I were irrational?

    My prediction that shit will hit the fan and bespatter anyone on the wrong side of it is clearly not a threat or boast of any kind. Crimes have been committed of the worst kind, and by a large number of individuals, none of whom can trust each other in the long run. The chances of the truth remaining hidden are, in the long term, precisely nil.

    I have attempted to give a warning, and have clearly been wasting my time. It should be obvious to any observer that there was nothing to gain personally from such an attempt.

    I will not be engaging with the circular thinking of occultniks in future. I simply do not have the time to engage with such idiocy.

  8. This is probably why I write very little on the whole SRA scare, and why I don’t like talk to people who believe in it. Seriously, it’s frightening how entrenched they are in this paranoid worldview despite all evidence against, and how they basically talk like victim vigilantes. Not to mention, pretty much anything we say to him, he could just make it fit into his worldview, as he seems to have done when he reblogged your post. Conversations with them seem inane at best and horrible at worst.

    If this guy really was formerly intelligent and did go insane, I like everyone else wonder what could possibly have debased his intelligence in such a way.

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