Leaders of the Greater Church of Lucifer issue open letter


Satanicviews plans to write posts on the issue of Left Hand Path as a religion and about LHP groups in the near future.  The Luciferians have in recent years attempted to formalize their philosophy through the vehicle of the Greater Church of Lucifer, their latest decisions and developments have been announced in their open letter as follows:


This is an open letter to the Luciferian, Left Hand Path, & Pagan Community,


We would first like to say that it has been an honor working with many of you over the past 2 years, during which we have seen not only the G.C.O.L community grow but, also the Left Hand Path & Pagan community as a whole.

Here are some of the great accomplishments that you all have helped us achieve over the past 2 years.

1. Greater Church of Lucifer has grown from an idea to launch a platform where Luciferian’s, Pagan’s, those just coming out of Monotheism or those walking on the Left Hand Path, new or experienced, could learn from one another, to an organization that has grown to include several U.S. state based chapters, a Canadian chapter, chapters in Spain, several chapters in South America and we currently have branches in every country in Central America .

2. We have laid the foundation of the Luciferian Doctrine, with the publishing of The Wisdom of Eosphorus.

3. We now have By-laws and an application process in which one can open a chapter in their own city, if none currently exist.

4. We have created a board of Directors (The Archon’s) and several other leadership positions that will help our organization grow and run smoothly.

5. We have made history by filing for tax exemption status as a Religious Organization. (Although, we are still going through the Federal process of filing our 501c3, which will take a little while longer before we are approved) This means Luciferianism is officially a religion and will soon be a recognized religion. This also means that all of your generous donations and future donations are tax exempt and may be claimed on your taxes.

6. We are also happy to announce that The Order of Phosphorus will be integrated into the GCOL, in order to give those that are interested in deep Luciferian study, as well as the Magickal Aspect of Luciferianism, an avenue to pursue their studies. (We will also be announcing another Order that will be integrated under the GCoL banner, in the near future)

7. On August 17, 2015 we signed the first lease in history for a Luciferian Church. A place that like minded people can meet, learn and study from one another. A place where we can revel in our similarities as well as our differences. A place where we share the knowledge and wisdom each of us have inside. A place where we do not have to hide or be afraid to share who we are and what we stand for, a place to meet like minded individuals, who share the similar values. A place we can all call a home.

Make no mistake, the signing of this first lease is a historical moment, not only for the GCoL, but for all those Pagan, Luciferian and Left Hand Path alike, and none of this could have happened without you, the GCoL Members. We are proud of our members and the strength and courage it takes to walk this path. We also know that change can only occur when people stand up and fight for their right to be individuals with opinions that are valued. No civilization throughout history began without individuals that were willing to take a stand for what they believe, with the follow through to make things happen. To make change in the face of adversity happen! These people were all Luciferian, whether they knew it or not.

Even though we have made all of these strides, we still have a long way to go. This is not the time to sit idle or sit on the fence with one foot on the other side. It will not be easy but then again, nothing worthwhile ever is, this is a time to stand together, to see the future of what can be, to support one another and push us into The New Luciferian Era.

Here are some things to consider:

1. We are going to have a GCoL opening weekend. This will occur on Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st. It will include the Building consecration ritual on Oct. 30th. The opening ceremony and 1st GCoL Meeting in the new building will occur on Oct. 31st followed by a luncheon and a festive night of activities at one of Houston’s premiere night clubs. On Nov. 1st we will have a discussion about our future and a closing activity. Allowing all those who travel from out of town the ability to leave by 12:30. (Michael W. Ford will be leading the self-Illumination Ceremony for all members that wish to participate in the ceremony during our first meeting. ** Please note that we would like to know in advance who would like to participate, so that we can make the appropriate preparations) More information about lodging and such will be released next week. Start making your preparations now, to attend this historic event as space will be limited.

2. Thanks to the wonderful donations you all have contributed to the GCoL, We were able to pay for the initial lease and many of the improvements necessary to make the building suitable for the esteemed current members as well as future members. We have also received donations of labor, décor, artwork etc. from many of the local members. A special thanks to Justin, Sabrina, Ivan, Michael, Jacob & Michelle for all your contributions. I can speak for myself when I say this has been a labor of love and am happy to have contributed.
However, we still need to raise money to finish furnishing the inside of the building. We are going to be having an auction to help raise these much needed funds. The auction will help pay for the following, a statue of Lucifer designed and cast just for the GCoL, New lighting fixtures, security system (to help avoid would be vandals) Area rugs, lighting and seating for back room, bookshelf for books to be studied in the back room, privacy window screens for the front of the building, furnishings for lobby area as well as the outdoors area in the back.
More information will come out about the auction within the next 2 weeks. The auction will include many items donated from prominent and influential people within the left hand path community. Many of these items will be one of a kind.

3. We still need to raise funds to build our own building. Our building donation fund is located on the GCoL web page.

4. If you would like to donate in other ways such as donated land or buildings that can only be used for the growth of the GCoL please contact any of the Archons via Facebook. Remember all donations are tax deductable and could save you quite a lot on your taxes.

Last but not least, the GCoL building is only the first of what we hope are many more buildings, here and around the world. I see people online and have talked to many on our path, about how they want to meet and discuss things with like minded individuals. Many feel alone and many didn’t know that there were so many of us out there until they found the GCoL. We are striving for a future, where we can build these much needed homes for everyone who has ever felt this way. We cannot fail if we come together as a community and family and support one another.

Again thank you all for your support and continued efforts in pushing us forward toward The New Luciferian Era.
~Sincerely, HopeMarie, Jacob, Michael, and Jeremy


25 thoughts on “Leaders of the Greater Church of Lucifer issue open letter

  1. I am concerned about the consequences of formalizing Satanism / Luciferianism or constructing churches. It takes brave individuals to unite in public in an era of Christian and Islamic terrorism.

    1. I agree. It also makes it easy to infiltrate and corrupt the Mysteries. (BTW.. I’m the same Nathaniel Harris that helped form TOPh, and wrote the Introduction to the first edition of M. Ford’s book LUCIFERIAN WITHCRAFT).

  2. I wish them well, but it isn’t for me. I see some problems, and some potential problems. Not that there aren’t always problems to contend with.

    One problem is it seems to be another example of a power grab, all in the name of “unity” under their banner. Unity is not always desirable. I think our power is in the fact that we are all spread out, hidden in plain sight, not giving a damn what others think.

      1. Agreed.

        But this could also be like the JoS, and be used as a starting point to bigger and better things when the need for “fellowship” is no longer seen as being beneficial.

      2. There is a good argument that people new to Luciferianism need a group like GCoL to learn about that path, because it is a rather obscure and confusing path.

      3. I agree. This group looks like more sheep in wolves clothing who are confused about, well, a lot of things.

        The letter appears generally clueless about what makes each human an individual (it’s our DNA), the relative value of any person’s opinion, how civilizations are established and preserved (tradition is what matters), and that having “beliefs” and taking stands aren’t criteria for being LHP. Kim Davis is a Luciferian, whether she knows it or not? Maybe.

        Still, they make an amusing addition to the collection of contemporary “religions” and I look forward to more of their antics!

      4. It will be interesting to see how the Greater Church of Lucifer evolves. There is a potential issue that Luciferians may encounter a disempowering version of the Church of Satan, but it is too early to say.

  3. My greatest concern with organized religion in general is how easy it is for its leaders to eventually engage in corruption and scandal. Of course, private spirituality comes with its own pitfalls too. That being said, congratulations to the GCoL; I wish them well.

    1. There is that danger with all organized groups. It does seem that GCoL has put some thought into the potential dangers of corruption and scandal, and have made a lot of rules and procedures to deal with it.

  4. I like some of the things they’re doing, but as a religious devil worshiper I can’t fully get behind them. I hope they stay true to their message, and don’t become a cult.

  5. I’m not very far into Wisdom of Eosphoros yet, but from what I’ve read, the GCoL is dangerously close to what The Satanic Temple became (and what ruined it). That is, a more liberal version of the LHP. It seems to emphasize less on fulfilling the carnal and humanly desires of the individual, and more on spiritual ascension through improving the world. It also seems contradictory in the fact that it claims Luciferians are indifferent to the beliefs of others, yet claim that “the responsibility of the Luciferian is to do his or her part to make the world a more self-accountable place; rejecting the slavementality of “god has a plan” or “it is god’s will.”

    Sounds like they’re a lot more interested in gearing up for an anti-christian awakening than they are for individual fulfillment. But my opinion may change after I finish reading its entirety.

    I hope this group doesn’t go out and make the LHP more of a joke than it already is. We went from being a topic people were afraid even mention to being perceived as virginal fedora wearing my little pony fans thanks to some groups (like TsT). If no one recalls, The Satanic Temple strayed far from the LHP (mostly due to the work of one female leader) and caused many head members to resign. This was due to becoming less of a satanic organization and more of a left wing activist group, renouncing LaVey and calling his ideas archaic and out of date. They frowned upon vengeance and social darwinism and promoted almost a Jesus like “love the meek” philosophy.

    1. If you would like to write a review after you read the book, I would be happy to publish it to Satanicviews. Thanks for your feedback so far on that book. I do intend to obtain the book and read it at some point soon.

  6. I’m wondering if they intend to emulate the traditional churches they abandoned. In other words, are they going to take turns at the pulpit and preach to an audience about the WORD? This is alien to me. What about it is LHP? I can’t seem to find it.

  7. Looking at the geographic locations for the Church’s groups mentioned in the letter, this looks like it could be a contemporary syncretic Catholicism to me. Four types of spiritual paths are mentioned: Luciferian, Pagan, “coming out of Monotheism” — whatever that means, and LHP. In primary school IQ test fashion, circle the path from that list that doesn’t belong with the others.

  8. The works of the GCOL will only be dictated by our actions. We are a new group and I can completely understand each of your points of view and they are all valid. It will take timetime to gain trust .

    Personally I see things like this:

    One can only get so far alone. In time when alone the mind becomes ridged and you form your own type of personal dogma. As a group that each has a chance to share their points of view at our meeting we can all stay liquid. These meetings are not for pushing GCOL doctrine. You can take or leave what ever you want. These meetings where made to bring like mined people together and discuss and learn from each other. This is how we stay fluid in thought and learn new ways of going about things.

    We also understand that the individual must come first. Yet the individual must also see that they directly correspond with the whole. You can define the whole to what ever you wish.

    What we are doing is creating a working safe place to share ideas. We have taken great measures to prevent any type of corruption. This is why we are a non-profit while others remain for profit. We have learned from the people who came before us and created something new and different. This can seem odd at first. So I understand.

    I would more than happy to answer questions and setup interviews to help get rid of some of the misconceptions and fears that we may encounter.

    I hope this helps a bit more in understanding who we are.

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