A devil goes on tour

“El Diablo” makes his annual appearance in the Tour de France in 2015.

Everyone needs a devil or Satan to make life interesting, even to exist; after-all would the Christian churches exist if there was no Satan to blame for all the world woes, to encourage the human population to buy into the products and services offered against fear, guilt and the need for salvation from hellfire?  No Satan, no business.

The cycling event known as the Tour de France has its own devil, making the event that more interesting.  The devil is known as Dieter “Didi” Senft, who dresses up as a colorful devil and character, making annual appearances at the Tour de France and other sporting events.  Often, Senft, known as “El Diablo,” will paint his trident symbol upon the routes of the Tour de France a day in advance of his appearance on the route.

Rumours of El Diablo’s absence from the Tour de France in 2015 proved false, when he made his appearance on the route.  Senft is also well-known for his crazy bike inventions, and holds at least one world record for one of those inventions.


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