On UK Satanic ritual abuse hoax

Late in 2014 during a custody dispute over two children, the mother and her new boyfriend coached the children using drugs, physical and emotional abuse, to make claims of Satanic ritual abuse and murder against the father, teachers, social workers, police, priests, students, parents and businesses in the Hampstead area of London.  The case resulted in a high profile court case and widespread reporting in the UK media, with lurid allegations of schools dedicating their wednesdays to sex orgies between adults and their pupils, baby meat sold at McDonalds with fries, babies delivered by Fedex to be converted into shoes for upmarket local shoe shops.  An unnamed cult of Satanists were alleged to be running the whole enterprise, and amazingly the Order of Nine Angles was considered too tame to be worthy of being considered for inclusion in the fantasy.

Enter every crazy Christian evangelist and conspiracy nutjob in Britain to make sure the names, faces, and other intimate details of child victims of abuse, including police video interviews and medical reports of examinations of the children’s sexual parts was posted all over the internet for the consumption of millions of people.  When court orders and police arrests were made of these nutjobs, they portrayed themselves as the victims of a vast government conspiracy to hide Satanic ritual abuse.

The case is now moving through its final legal stages where the children will be returned to their father, and the major task of hunting down, arresting and bringing major damages claims can begin against the “witchfinders.”  The primary website of the witchfinders is hampsteadresearch.com whilst a site that opposes them and other UK-based Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes is called Hoaxstead. The people behind Hoaxstead have employed some creative and talented people in the use of quality memetic videos, images and cartoons as satire against the witchfinders, worthy of emulation by Satanists in any political campaign a Satanist chooses to get involved in; example as below:


22 thoughts on “On UK Satanic ritual abuse hoax

    • Some of these people have committed contempt of court by publishing the children’s names and personal details on the internet. Others could be arrested and charged for malicious communication and harassment. The key offenders can be pursued for financial damages for defamation, invasion of privacy and distress. On the 4th 6th and 11th August there are various legal hearings involving the children in this case, which need to happen before any other legal proceedings can proceed.

  1. Go too far down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and people will believe this, and more. I have seen it for myself. In order to believe a lie, they have to invent more and more ludicrous lies to answer their previous lies.

    The problem is there really are true and proven conspiracies, and people lack discernment when it comes to other “theories” that aren’t theories at all.

  2. The whole situation is just revolting. Begs the question how and why in this day and age how it escalated to the repulsive hight of evil farce that it has.
    The video is a great piece of work.

  3. Early 90s, my friend’s mum, a manager in the National Health Service in the UK, attended a conference about spotting signs of Satanic abuse. Attendees were told by one speaker that tens of thousands of children go missing in Britain every year, taken for Satanic ritual abuse.

    This came after the Orkney and Rochdale Satanic abuse scandals, when there was virtually mass hysteria in Britain regarding this so-called threat. Looks like the authorities still haven’t learned any lessons.

    • Although the situation has now improved, with most people treating such claims with suspicion, there still is a long way to go. I reckon had these claims happened in the 1990’s that half the children in Hampstead would have been taken into care by overzealous social workers.

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  5. Abusers may be found in any institution, from the B.B.C. to government, psychiatry, the police, social services, or religion. Wherever an institution is accused, they will defend themselves to the teeth. Occult orders are no different.

    Please, ask yourself the following questions;

    Operation Yew-Tree has recognized and investigated links between Jimmy Saville and a Satanically themed sex club, and some of his victims have disclosed their abuse to have been Satanically themed and ritualistic. Nevertheless, these facts have not been widely reported, and where they have those reports have been attacked by other journalists. Why is it possible for us to believe that Jimmy Saville abused so many children, in so many settings, and betrayed so much trust.. but impossible for us to accept that he wore a black robe and chanted ‘Hail Satan’ when he did it?

    It seems any child abuser might get away with his crimes simply by employing the right paraphernalia, and ritualizing the violation- thus making the crime ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’, which many people remain adamant does not exist, rather than mere child abuse, which is a widely recognized reality.

    If that was all it took to rob a bank, do you not think we would have gangs of black robed criminals regularly turning over Barclays with cries of “Don’t move, and nobody gets sacrificed to Satan?” Would we all be arguing that Satanic Bank Robbery does not exist, whilst all this was going on?

    Or supposing a ring of child abusers chose to dress up as something else, such as clowns or cowboys? Would we then be arguing that ‘Circus Themed Abuse’ or ‘Wild West Abuse’ does not exist? Would the disclosure of their victims be just as easily discredited? Is that really all it would take?

    Do you really believe that occultism is the only spiritual culture in the world that harbours no paedophiles? How likely is it really that abusers exist in the Church, in Buddhism, Hinduism, indeed every religion, but not within Paganism, and certainly not Satanism?

    Why? What makes occultists so different from the rest of humanity?

    For all their grandiose titles and posturing, occultists are just as human as anyone else. Of course there are abusers amongst the occult community, just as there are in other walks of life. To deny this for any reason is to allow those abusers to prosper, and to become enablers. Knowingly or not, it is to become responsible for child abuse due to having protected the perpetrators. Those who have acted to discredit or otherwise attack those making disclosures of abuse have become directly involved in the persecution of innocent people.

    It is my unhappy experience that occultism in the U.K. not only harbors paedophiles, but is thoroughly infected with them. The Pagan community will invariably rally around members against whom such allegations are made, always assuming another persecution, and rarely -if ever- considering such allegations might actually be true. What better place, then, for a paedophile to hide, and to find the support they need should they ever be discovered?

    Just as the B.B.C., the Catholic Church, and corrupted local authorities, must all take responsibility for having allowed paedophiles to prosper in their midst, so must occultism. Convictions have been made, and ritual abuse has been proved a reality. We can no longer pretend. We can no longer gloss over the failings of the community. One cannot make compromises with abusers without becoming tainted by them. Abusers must always be exposed; anything less is to protect and enable them.

    Yes, the first few of us to take a stand will find ourselves ostracized, as I have been. What value is our community if it means rubbing shoulders with child abusers and murderers? Is keeping such company really very wise? Would it not be wise to expose these people, and prevent them from prospering? Is not the quest for wisdom supposed to be the whole point in occultism?

    There are bound to be the occasional convulsions in any culture, however ancient or new, uncovering abuses of trust or power. At first, these may cause a great sensation. If the situation is favorable on the whole, such abuses can be easily concealed from the public; everything is forgotten and complacency reigns once more. Yet to the wise, such occurrences are grave omens that cannot be ignored.

    This is the only way of avoiding further tragedy.



    We cannot tell you how common ritual abuse is in the U.K., because we do not know, but we can tell you it definitely happens, and what we have seen reported so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

    We can also tell you the problem is hugely misunderstood by police and local authorities, who invariably respond with misplaced incredulity and act inappropriately. This results in danger to victims being increased, just when they most need protection.

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