A Satanic view on killer AI

It seems daily that experts release stories into the media about the threat to humanity from artificial intelligence, the latest is an open letter about military use of AI nicknamed “killer AI.”  As no doubt AI will increasingly become an important aspect of future society, it is useful to offer a Satanic viewpoint on AI, in this post a viewpoint on “killer AI.”

One thing I like about AI is that it is efficient and lacks any morality.

One thing I like about AI is that it is efficient and lacks any morality.

Morality and human hypocrisy.

Morality is a slippery subject, and it is often an argument of these experts that AI must be constrained by ethics and morality.  In reality most of humanity are hypocrites, they expect others to follow a moral rule whilst they themselves break it, this is why Satanism is attractive to me because it liberates me from the nonsense of morality and the hypocrisy that goes with it.  AI is a tool, which is only as good as its designer, and whereas some may follow some ethical paradigm in designing an AI, others will not.  It was with good reason that Leonardo da Vinci chose not to reveal his designs for a submarine because he predicted, correctly, that such machines would be used for harmful intent to sink shipping and kill innocent people.

There is no morality in nature.

Morality does not exist in nature, it is a delusion that human beings love to follow in order to preserve their illusion of security called civilization.  Every plant and animal follows one universal rule – survival.  In their struggle for survival all of life will use every strategy and trick possible to gain the upper hand over the rival.  Being moral is a limiting disadvantage that works against survival in nature, so it is common to see living things killing, thieving and lying to each other in the common goal of survival.

The natural pattern is survival via competition through the evolutionary process.

Through a mix of random and intelligent changes in their genes every living thing is constantly seeking an advantage over the rival, whilst staying in harmony with changes in their environment in order to survive.  The human individual or the group is no different to the rest of nature, morality is quickly discarded in a crisis, and everyone follows the rest of nature seeking the advantage over the other through competition where anything goes, because most people want to survive, and their genes to continue to the next generation; this is a preconditioned reality coded into the DNA of all living things.

Survival is all that matters to living things.

The survival of the group, tribe or nation is no different to the individual, a fight for survival, using any available tool, technique or resource to gain the advantage over the competition.  If the British, Americans and Russians had chosen to be moral and refuse to develop the atomic bomb, Nazi Germany would have developed the technology, and the outcome of World War II might have been different.  Over 70 years later all the nations of any relevance have the atomic bomb, and neither uses it for fear of their own annihilation, a zero-sum predictable outcome.

The Satanic view of killer AI: let it be developed.

My Satanic view about killer AI is to follow the pattern of nature.  Only the fool would fall for moralistic arguments that killer AI, or any type of AI, should be regulated and controlled, because there will always be those who will develop killer AI for their own advantage.  Following nature means acknowledging that human beings will follow the same patterns as the rest of nature of evolving a technology in competition to gain a survival advantage, which will eventually lead to a stalemate, as all sides reach a point of parity where the difference in technological capability is so tiny as to make little difference, and the deployment of such technology in a full-scale war would impact the survival chances of all sides in the conflict.


4 thoughts on “A Satanic view on killer AI

  1. I agree that morality is highly subjective. Any machines created with artificial intelligence will have the morality of the people that created them. My question is what if these machines are created by people who don’t particularly like Satanists? If the people creating them had the same view as you or I, then I wouldn’t be too concerned about AI. But if they were created by Christians or Muslims, then that might be an entirely different can of worms. Wouldn’t you agree? The problem with many followers of the Abrahamic religious traditions is that they are not content to follow their own religion and mind their own business. If any of these religious extremists were to develop this technology, it would most certainly be used against those who don’t agree with their worldview, and that could prove disastrous for anyone who was unwilling to submit.

    • There is the risk that AI will be prejudiced based upon the bias of its creator. I think a pure AI with freewill and the ability to reason will be able to conclude that a lot of the opinion of Christians and Muslims is ignorant, just as we in the LHP conclude.

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