Detroit Christians threaten to blow up Satanic statue

The rising personality in the Satanic Temple movement Jex Blackmore the leader of the Detroit Chapter of the Satanic Temple enjoyed the common experience of a hysterical ignorant Christian on live television recently, who could not see past the narrow definitions of Satan that most Christians have

Most in Satanism know that there are many definitions of Satan, and many different interpretations of Satanism, often of an individualistic nature.  The Christian pastor became deeply agitated when Blackmore provided to him the Satanic Temple interpretation of Satan and Satanism in contrast to the pastor’s view that Satan was an entity that Satanists worshipped and that Satanism was about inflicting harm to people and property.  Satanic Temple takes an atheistic view of Satan, and a philosophical interpretation of Satanism, much to the anger of the Christian.

Conflicting with the message of peace and love the Christians hypocritically claim in their evangelizing crusades, the message was of fear and hate after threats were made to blow up a Satanic statue planned to be unveiled in the Detroit area, forcing the Satanic Temple to hold the unveiling in private.

The video of the televised encounter between the Christian pastor and Jex Blackmore is at the following link.


2 thoughts on “Detroit Christians threaten to blow up Satanic statue

  1. I saw that video, well some of it. I tried to get an idea of the commotion but I couldn’t stand it for over 4 minutes. The sight of what is mostly imbeciles flailing mindlessly really irritates me. I might as well be arguing with my brother at home.

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