The uncertainty of life

The Satanist embraces the moment in my opinion, for there is neither past nor future.  This day for any individual may be the last day of life, or the last hour.  Occasionally I come across incidents in life or a blog post that reminds me that life is uncertain and doomed to certain death.  There are many external authorities, Christians included, who will convince the individual to sacrifice every moment of their lives in slavery to those external authorities, based on falsehood, fear and ignorant opinion, a foolish waste of precious moments that can never be regained.  The only certain thing in life, is the moment, and it is better to use those moments as liberated individuals free from slavery to follow the individuals own dreams, rather than the empty dreams of someone else.


6 thoughts on “The uncertainty of life

  1. yes, and you are incidentally more likely to get a better future through your honest victories in the present too. The equation “living less = living longer and safer” is false. Which is all good news for the person who takes responsibility for living 🙂

  2. If this moment is all any of us ever really have, then our pasts, having been absolutely necessary in every detail for the culmination of the present moment, are flawless, and we should not suffer them. Our futures are always dependent on our actions in the present moment, and to dwell on them now can only produce further dwelling. Live in the moment. Always.

  3. External authorities are like a prison for the weak minded. For as long as I can remember, right back far into early childhood, I’ve always been skeptical and untrusting of those in positions of authority. This is a trait that I treasure. I believe no one and no thing unless I’ve investigated it myself. By reading through your blog, and other selective articles and books, and of introspection, I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve always been a Satanist, without ever labeling myself as such.
    I’m inspired to maybe write my own thoughts in a blog.

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