Positive change in America

Recent media stories indicates that there could be a paradigm shift going on in the USA, a change against the hate that daily emanates from right wing Christian preachers.  In June the US supreme court declared gay marriage legal, and internationally there were celebrations by showing the rainbow flag.  The supreme court in Oklahoma surprised everyone with an enthusiastic decision to order the removal of the Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  After the church shootings in Charleston, the confederate flag, a symbol of white supremacists and hate preachers, began to be challenged and banned.  Girl Scouts in the USA returned a $100,000 donation after the donor stipulated it could not be used to support transgender children; a crowd sourcing campaign raised $250,000 for the Girl Scouts instead.

The new change is in this writers opinion summed up in the image below, a girl who faced down a hate preacher at a recent music festival.

Girl with rainbow flag faces down a Christian hate preacher.

Girl with rainbow flag faces down a Christian hate preacher.


11 thoughts on “Positive change in America

  1. They are losing power, and I sensed that happening for some time now.

    When I was a christian, there were some nutcases, but they were on the fringes. Now the nutcases are in the mainstream. The leaders are running scared. They are done, and they know it. All they can do now, and what they are doing now, is using extreme threats and fear.

  2. Also. it’s not limited to preachers. If there is one republican presidential candidate out there that isn’t pandering to these freaks, I can’t name him. They are all doing it.

    • One of the great aspects of this change is how fast the influential Christian lobby is losing its power and influence over the decision makers. The Republicans will be forced to change if they want to win a Presidential election, because they no longer have enough voting strength from their core support, which traditionally are full of religious freaks.

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