Our position on Luciferianism

This blog has been asked to do a review on the Greater Church of Lucifer, and has readers who are involved in or are researching Luciferianism.  It seems a good opportunity to establish our position on Luciferianism.

Luciferianism is a branch of the Left Hand Path which shares many ideas and attitudes in common with the more common LHP branch of Satanism.  There are many opinions of if Luciferianism is another form of Satanism; if Satan is the same as Lucifer; if there are differences between Luciferians and Satanists, and what those differences would be.  Self-described Luciferians and Satanists do mix together in LHP websites and events; there are always the few that describe themselves as purists who prefer to oppose any mixing of their branch with the other.

Our position is that Luciferians and Satanists are two different branches of the Left Hand Path, sharing many ideas in common, but with subtle differences.  Our view is that Satanism focuses more on the practical aspects of the Left Hand Path in relation to the individual, whilst the Luciferian prefers to indulge in the philosophical questions of why they participate in the practical application of the Left Hand Path.  This blog is wary of applying the same criteria we would apply to Satanism to Luciferianism, therefore we will only comment on issues relating to Satanism, and will leave anything related to Luciferianism to Luciferians, who know their LHP branch better than we do.

It seems reasonable to refer readers who wish to know more about Luciferianism to the GCoL website, which includes the viewpoints of the leading lights of Luciferianism such as Michael Ford.

7 thoughts on “Our position on Luciferianism

  1. I wonder if you’ve heard of the book Wisdom of Eosphorus. It’s written by Jacob No, Michael Ford, Jeremy Crow, and Hope Marie. These guys are big names in Luciferianism and are leaders of the Greater Church of Lucifer. I personally have been waiting for that book since I ordered it from their site over two weeks ago.

  2. A simple yet concise view on Luciferianism,We would love to hear more about your thoughts of us after you read “Wisdom”,I’m one of the leaders of the GCOL and if you have any questions,please stop by my blog and say hello for a chat.Great Blog by the way.

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