A Satanic view on heroes, injustice and victims

One of the delights of Satanism is that the individual has the mandate to make choices and actions that others disapprove of.  If I want to indulge in eating a chocolate cake, or turn down an invite to a boring social event, or ride on my bike illegally without lights, I do so, because as a Satanist, one of the things Satanists do is break the rules, another way of describing being evil.  If good and evil is a subjective judgement based upon rules that are broken: good if you keep the rule, evil if you break the rule; you might see the benefits of Satanism as following the evil path.

Today, I saved a bird that the cat brought in.  I chased the cat away, I opened a window so the bird could fly free.  Was I a hero? No, I did not want a noisy mess in the house as the cat played with its new toy.  Was I angry at some injustice inflicted by cat on bird? No, cats hunt birds, its nature.  Did I have empathic concern for the trauma or possible injury to the bird? No, this is brutal nature, the bird was lucky to live.

In my e-mail, an invite to sign a petition about injustice to an autistic kid, who reacted badly to hassle by a police officer who was patrolling an US school.  My opinion, the parents should have made sure the autistic was in a different environment suitable to their needs than a public school, so bad it needs police officers to keep law and order in the classroom.

In Western modern society, everyone is a victim, everyone else is to blame for an injustice.  There is an obsession that Jesus, a superhero, a heroic knight, will come along to save the victim from their injustice, to punish the tyrant, and set the world to rights.  There are these so-called heroes in society, the pillars of the community, with a long list of good deeds, charity and awards after their name; many later revealed to be rapists of children, fraudsters of charities and little old ladies, wife beaters, and other revelations showing a less heroic side to their natures.  So many of these so-called heroes motivated by a need for approval, hiding low self-esteem and an infantile disposition.

In nature, everything seems to be fighting, eating and stealing from each other.  Everything in nature would gain a criminal record that would make the Mafia look good in comparison.  The only hero in nature is the survivor.  There are no champions in nature, there are only winners and losers.  Outside of humanity, all living things are playing to win the game of life, none play the victim.  There is no such thing as injustice in nature, everything plays the game of life to live, grow and reproduce.

In Satanism, there are no victims, and there is no injustice.  The Satanist plays the cards in life they are given, trading those cards intelligently for better cards.  The Satanist plays to win, they move into positions where they benefit, and where they are not in the position of the loser.  The Satanist recognizes that life is a crooked path with its challenges and successes.  The Satanist places responsibility for their choices, deeds and fate in their own hands; they accept that if they fall or rise in the game of life, they did so because of their own design.  The Satanists does not blame others for their fate, because they have as a Satanist chosen the path of individual responsibility and empowerment, where they harvest the benefit or harm of their own choices and deeds.  The Satanist has no need to play the hero, they do what they do for their own benefit, and they have no need for the approval of others.  The Satanist acts intelligently, and views the adverse events in their lives as opportunities to advance in wisdom; the Satanist rejects the concept of injustice, because they know how to play external situations to their own advantage.


9 thoughts on “A Satanic view on heroes, injustice and victims

  1. I think it is quite correct that in Nature there is no justice or injustice, nor ultimate security – it is amoral, brutal and “as is”. We create many things, out of our capacity to negate, imagine and manipulate, including worlds where fictions like “justice” get enacted after one version or another, as if they were real.

    There are plenty of things about Nature that don’t suit me, and I’m happy that we can be creative. Unfortunately though, we forget that we created all this, and that we can (and do) recreate it. We buy into our own moral press, and nowadays it has become more and more the case in “western” societies that we expect a cavalry to ride in and save us, if we can just show that we are “victims”, though we will probably then sue the cavalry for being horrible, abusive men.

    No one wants to do jobs, they just want to complain that someone else didn’t do it right. It seems to get to the point that people know that if they cry “wolf!” then eventually nothing will happen, so they invent “ghost wolves”, whole systems of oppression and abuse that you can be victims of, whether anything happened to you or not. It’s no coincidence that the Satanic Ritual Abuse hysterias have involved social workers, therapists and figures in public policy, as well as the police and courts. But for every imaginary victim, there is a “villain” that has to be scapegoated. The fiction of “justice” in such cases is based upon the denial of actual facts.

    I think Satanism is a good corrective to this kind of predicament as it requires personal responsibility, and collapses collective moral manipulations (and thus hysterias) down to the individual’s autonomous judgements for their own life. You can’t take part in such hysteria *and* take self responsibility.

    • As you say, Satanism offers a good answer to the industry of victimhood, injustice and lack of responsibility; this is one of the reasons I like Satanism as an outlook. Imagination gives the individual the advantage to rise above the challenges of Nature in the form of creativity, but most people abuse imagination to pursue fantasies of the victim and so-called injustice instead, expecting others to do the work for them to dig them out of their holes.

  2. I think even if there is no justice or moral order in nature, and those things are ultimately man-made, then I don’t think those concepts are necessarily aberrations. Ethical consciousness, justice, and moral order might be, anything, gifts that Man gives himself, rather than gifts given by the gods.

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