Who owns the body of a Satanist?

Who owns your body? It is assumed that if you identify with the Left Hand Path, where the individual seeks to manifest their will to be the master over their own life, that the Satanist considers they are the primary authority and master of their own body, and what they might wish to do with their body.  With this in mind, it amuses this writer, that there are so many groups, religions, laws and arguments in society by people who think they have a stake in my body.  Lets consider some of these issues relating to my own body, or the body of any Satanist.


If anyone wishes to use their body as a vehicle to make money through selling sexual services, or two consenting adults wish to participate in paid sexual activities, why not?


Like prostitution, any individual over the age of 18 might legitimately like to make money through image or video through the use of their own body to paying clients.

Bondage, S&M, swinging

Consenting adults might participate in a variety of sexual activities including extreme violence, including image and video.  Yet, so-called liberal nations such as Britain would jail and place a person on the sexual offenders register for having content showing sexual violence, even if the participants are over 18 and were consenting.


The simple situation of adults taking their clothes off seems to attract volumes of argument and legal activity.

Body modification and tattoos

An increasing fashion in many modern nations, especially in the Left Hand Path.  Yet, authority figures want to have a say in opposing the individual’s desire to modify or tattoo their body.

Gay sex, relationships and marriage

That same-sex partners wish to participate in consenting sexual practices, relationships and marriage with the same rights as heterosexual couples.  What authority has anyone else to say what they can or cannot do?

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

I include e-cigarettes, all substances that provide a desired reaction in the individual’s body.  What an individual wishes to put in their own body is their own right, and surely as consenting adults aged 18+ anyone should have the right to trade in such substances.


If the individual for whatever reason wishes to terminate their own life, why are others wanting to oppose their wish?

For any Satanist, or anyone who identifies with the Left Hand Path, it is a simple position in my opinion, that you are the master and authority of your own body, thus on all the above issues, no law or external authority should be placing any restriction or have any say in the Satanic body, and how the Satanist uses their body.

19 thoughts on “Who owns the body of a Satanist?

  1. ” why are others wanting to oppose their wish?”

    It’s the christians “slippery slope” argument in my opinion. And it is their favorite argument.

    For example, when it comes to suicide, assisted or not, pets are treated with more compassion than people. But the religious types are ultimately worried about kids killing mom and dad for their inheritance, New World Order “death vans” murdering “patriots”, the unwilling etc. They’d rather see people in pain, with no hope of ever getting better. But they are losing their power. 5 states allow it now. And when the same sex marriage case is all said and done, this may be next on the agenda. Then I will really get to watch the fireworks. It will be a grand show indeed.

  2. “Yet so-called liberal nations like Britain would jail and place a person on the sexual offenders register for having content showing sexual violence, even if the participants are over 18 and were consenting.”

    Our government is now run by the Conservatives, so I don’t think things are going to be so liberal anymore. And if my country was not liberal before, it’s probably going to get worse.

    • I read the list of proposed laws the Conservatives in UK intend to pass, it seems you are right, they seem intent on eliminating lots of rights and adding lots of controls on their citizens.

  3. The world would be such a better place if prostitution was legal and regulated. But then there wouldn’t be so much of that ever-profitable sexual frustration floating around…

  4. Who owns your body?
    It is God Almighty Allah and the lord jesus christ, God loves you, and you don’t need to comitte sucide the lord Jesus Christ had died for you. Satan is a lier, prostitution is illegal and can not be legalise, what are you turning the world to? Prostitution is very dangerous for everyone on this planet.oooo

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