Power of church broken over same-sex marriage in Ireland

If the Satanist is the ultimate authority in their own life, then so must be their right to do with their body as they please.  It was good to read that the power of the churches were enthusiastically broken recently when 62% of voting citizens approved same-sex marriage in a referendum in Ireland.

In probably the only nation on this planet where Catholics and Protestants are still killing each other in the name of their religion, the Irish, manifested their will to break the hold of religion over every aspect of their lives, by opposing the desire of religion to maintain its control over the individual freedom to marry same-sex partners.  Because citizens were only allowed to vote in person, people from around the world travelled to Ireland for the sole purpose to cast their vote.  The oldest supporter of same-sex marriage was a 101-year-old.

Since marriage is legally only a contract between two people, and can be done in any religion, or in a non-religious civil-ceremony, it made no sense that one religion could be allowed to have sole authority over all other religions and over atheistic individuals over the concept of marriage or over who could marry.

The Republic of Ireland will now change its constitution to join 20 nations around the world were it is legal for same-sex individuals to marry.


6 thoughts on “Power of church broken over same-sex marriage in Ireland

  1. More proof that christianity is finished. I never would have thought that would happen in Ireland, but the criminal catholic hierarchy shot themselves in the foot too many times.

    It will be interesting to see what US christian leaders say about this. Also we have a pending supreme court ruling on same sex marriage too. If they lose that, and I think they will, it will be a most entertaining spectacle with 2 major defeats like this.

  2. Where does the opposition come from in England? My understanding is that England does not have anything near the problems with christianity that the US has, so how do they attempt to justify the opposition to the things you mentioned?

    • They may not be as vocal as in the USA but the voice of religion is strong in Britain. The church and state are still connected under the authority of the Queen, and bishops still sit in the House of Lords debating and passing laws.

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