The ignorant Satanic narrative of Christians

A Christian blog writes “What can we do about Satanism?” The blog, paints Satanists and Satanism as part of the New World Order, in control of governments and their agencies, its members torturing and ritualistically killing, then eating babies.  The Hampstead Research blog claims to be exposing thousands of baby-eating Satanists in positions of power ritualistically murdering children on an industrial level.  The irony is that this and other blogs seem to point the finger at Christians, and irrationally exposes the children they claim to be protecting to humiliating and degrading exposure to millions of random strangers on the internet.

In Africa Christian evangelicals turn the clock back to the medieval era of Satanic claims.  A school closed because Satanic teachers are collecting blood for Satanic rituals from pupils.  In another report, police fled when a Satanic vampire vomited blood, who claimed he became an instant Satanist when he inhaled Frankincense. The Satanic Views blog has recently had some comments from Africans wanting to join a Satanic cult.

Whilst dysfunctional fools such as those endorsing mass murder in the Order of Nine Angles attempt to emulate the narrative of hysterical Christian evangelicals, the truth is that most Satanists follow a path that is rational, individualistic and respectful of the liberties of others to enjoy lives free from molestation and enslavement by tyrannical religion and government.


11 thoughts on “The ignorant Satanic narrative of Christians

  1. I’ve always found the global Satanist conspiracy idea to be extremely ironic. I’ve never known a group of Satanists to agree with each other long enough (or to a far enough extent) to be capable of coordinating anything like that. Most groups seem to be short-lived, but even the Church of Satan is really just an Anton LaVey fan club. (At most, it strikes me as a platform for artists like Marilyn Manson or Coop to promote their work.) It’s about as much of a conspiracy as the KISS Army. Mind you, I’m not criticizing Satanists here, and I’m not dismissing the idea of global conspiracies either. But I think you need people who like being told what to do in order to have yourself a good conspiracy, and Satanists are not those people.

    • You are right, in essence Satanists are all individualists, many with huge egos, which makes it challenging for any project or group to last long enough to make any impact in the world. The notion of a global conspiracy of Satanists assumes that Satanists are all organized group-minded slaves. Getting groups of Satanists working in the same direction is as challenging as herding cats.

  2. “torturing and ritualistically killing, then eating babies.”

    He forgot the rendering of baby fat candles.

    I know this kind of christian. I have dealt with them before. They are everywhere in the US. Everything is a deep dark “false flag” conspiracy.

    • The Christians behind the Hampstead Research blog claim that Satanists are turning baby skin into shoes. They are totally delusional and irrational as you have probably found.

  3. Christians in the Western world, or least America, seem hopelessly divided against each other, to the point that they attack their own esoteric symbols save for the cross, and even then the cross of now is likely not the true cross. I should also point out that many of the “witches” persecuted in medieval times all the way to Salem could have been fellow Christians for all they knew.

      • I think Christians in modern times could benefit from the example of men like Sir Isaac Newton. He, like other scientists of the enlightenment era, believed that the laws of science and God’s will were in fact the same thing. It’s kinda funny how things went from that to the totally deranged Christianity we see today.

      • They would benefit if the individuals in question had an iota of reason, but they are irrational fools who prefer to use faith rather than reason in their lives.

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