Satanic books stolen from libraries

Satanists looking for books on Satanism in their local libraries in Eastern Oregon USA may be disappointed to find that their library is no longer stocking such books thanks to unknown thieves stealing all the books and failing to return them.  Books on the occult, black magic and Satanism have been vanishing as quickly as they are being replaced, costing the libraries great expense, resulting in their decision not to replace the books.  Another favorite book for the thieves are books on mushroom identification.  Satanists can find plenty of free resources on any Satanic subject on the internet, including at this resource.


8 thoughts on “Satanic books stolen from libraries

  1. I think the thieves could easily be self-righteous religious thugs looking to silence ideas they don’t like, but they might just be nutty cultists trying to hoard all the black magic to themselves.

  2. Like Barnes & Noble having to put anarchist authors beyond the counter in response to thievery. Anarchists, stealing anarchist literature, making it less available to the masses as a result. I get why an anarchist would shoplift instead of supporting big businesses, but some of these things are just not thought through.

    • It seems to me that it would support the anarchist cause if information on anarchism was made available, so I see no point in anarchists stealing such books. You are right, some people fail to think through the implications of their actions.

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