Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria hits Britain

New allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse have exploded recently onto the internet as the conspiracy theorists and Christian evangelists use two children as pawns to associate Satanists with the ritual abuse of children.

In September 2014 a brother and sister, evidently under coaching from their mother and her new partner “Abraham,” made allegations against a London primary school, their father, teachers, other school children and their parents of ritual sexual abuse.  Allegations included that babies were brought into the school, tortured with rat traps, murdered and eaten by the teachers, parents and pupils.  The police investigation found no case to answer, the children retracted their claims, saying Abraham had through violence and pressure caused them to make the claims.

The children were taken into care, their father was given access to them.  The legal representative for the children released the police interviews and other video testimony onto the internet revealing all the claims, identifying innocent people who were subject to the allegations.  The internet conspiracy bloggers and other self appointed activists have during February 2015 spread the allegations which has caused a lot of distress to innocent people.  The legal representative fled to Germany having broken the law by releasing the videos.

Because of legal and privacy issues Satanicviews needs to be cautious about what it can write about this case, but we feel it is in the public interest to provide links to some of the content to give the reader a useful insight in these false allegations of Satanic Ritual Abuse: how it can arise; the ease that a suggestible and imaginative child can be manipulated to say the most outrageous of stories; the ease by which adults can believe and propagate false abuse allegations without applying any critical thinking.    We warn UK residents to be careful about what they write on this case as they could be in contempt of court.


21 thoughts on “Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria hits Britain

  1. Some things will just never change. No matter how many Christian ministers turn out to be actual child abusers, some people are always going to think SRA is a much bigger and more insidious problem. This is because most of these conspiracy nutballs have less brain power than Ernest P. Worrell would have after a labotomy.

    • No critical thinking is being applied whatsoever by those that promote SRA claims, and any who argue against these idiots they claim are all part of the Satanic abuse cult. In a police interview with one of the alleged victims of SRA the child described “Abraham”, a promoter of these SRA claims, as an idiot.

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