Detroit Satanists go to war over animal sacrifice

In the former car manufacturing city of Detroit, the modern definition of a city in rapid decline, goats walk around nervously, as Satanists from oppositional points of view clash on the question of animal sacrifice in Satanism.

Like most issues connected to Satanism the sinister goings on in Detroit is complicated by personality and politics.  On one side of the Satanic divide is one of the more successful and pro-active of the chapters of the Satanic Temple, the Detroit Chapter, represented by atheistic-leaning Satanists who oppose animal sacrifice.  The opposing side is the pro-animal sacrifice members of the Temple of Satan based in Detroit under the leadership of a well-known colorful character in theistic Satanism called Tom Raspotnik, better known as Tom Blackwood.

Since the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple was founded in 2014 Tom Raspotnik has been engaged in a highly emotive campaign to discredit them by making various allegations, attracting the attention of lawyers representing the Satanic Temple to issue legal proceedings to curb his notorious habit to try to destroy the reputations of rival Satanic individuals or groups.

The very public clash between the two Satanic groups resulted in an article in the USA Today where Raspotnik put on public record his support for animal sacrifice:

“I’ve also just killed a goat and buried it,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s that phenomenal to eat.”

The media and internet flame war between the two Satanic groups involving allegations of harassment and criminal conduct took a new twist when members of the Satanic Temple started a campaign against animal sacrifice.  Attention was drawn to an article in the media of the find of a baby goat that appeared to have been sacrificed and burnt, dumped in a public place in Detroit in August 2014, one month before the USA today article appeared revealing Raspotnik’s interest in sacrificing goats.  Members of the Satanic Temple started a petition on against the Temple of Satan sacrificing animals in Satanic rituals, attracting at the time of writing nearly 1000 signatures.  Raspotnik responded on his own blog claiming to be a victim of harassment by members of the Satanic Temple, and defending his right to sacrifice animals under US laws, comparing it as no different from eating meat.

Satanicviews considers the sacrifice of animals for religious purposes as backward, offering no tangible advantage to a Satanist.  Whilst killing animals to defend the self from harm or for food is justified, the killing of animals on the basis of faith believing that it confers some advantage to the Satanist is a waste of an animal’s life.  The ongoing inane arguments between Temple of Satan and the Satanic Temple shows why the individual should seriously think about walking a path without affiliation to Satanic groups.


19 thoughts on “Detroit Satanists go to war over animal sacrifice

  1. “The ongoing inane arguments between Temple of Satan and the Satanic Temple shows why the individual should seriously think about walking a path without affiliation to Satanic groups.”

    That’s all I kept thinking while reading this.

  2. Blackwood has the gall to call himself the “leader of Theistic Satanism”. I’d like to ask this idiot what Satan would want with a dead animal. But, in order to ask him, I’d first have to go to his blog, and type my comment trying to keep my sentences nice and simple so he could understand me, then hit the post button, and he’s just not worth the effort.

    You’re right. I can only think of one group that I’d ever consider associating with, but they are in Georgia, and I’m not.

  3. The drama aside, I wanted to address your statement:
    “Satanicviews considers the sacrifice of animals for religious purposes as backward, offering no tangible advantage to a Satanist. ”

    Wouldn’t it be valued as serving a purpose if the individual found it to be taboo?

    Young men hunting for the first time may even be encouraged to bite into the still warm heart of his first kill as a rite of passage. Fathers often initiate young men in this manner.

    I don’t know that it would be dismissed as backwards if it serves a utilitarian purpose (testing the comfort zone of the individual) No belief in a literal Satan required.

    What say you?

    • The rite of passage of young hunters in a tribe cannot be compared to a middle-aged man living in the comfort of civilization killing an animal because he thinks it will please Satan.

      • I was speaking of civilized man, the guy next door type.

        If these hunters believe it pleases God, to ‘pray’ before they kill the animal – how is it different really?

      • I doubt Tom Raspotnik was hunting animals or sacrificing goats to please God. “Civilized men” hunt animals in the USA mainly for entertainment, which has little to do with religion.

    • I think I see where you’re coming from, but I would hope most people would be able to recognize that killing an animal for absolutely no practical purpose is taboo for a reason. If the guy wants the emotional challenge & release that can come from a taboo act, I’m sure the goat would have been much obliged if he had chosen to go have gay sex instead. In any case, I don’t believe in an objective right or wrong & I feel the idea of moral absolutes is very RHP, so assuming he did it as humanely as possible, I can see why one would be hard-pressed to draw a fine line between what he did and hunting for sport (which I’m not terribly fond of either). I love animals far too much to ever dream of wanting to “sacrifice” one and I’ve already had to kill one that I loved to put him out of his misery, but I can definitely see sacrificing a human adult. I would never try it out of fear of legal retribution, but damn, if you’re going to kill something for the thrill or catharsis, quit beating around the bush and kill a damn human! [The only beings on the planet capable of carrying the emotional plague, as Reich would put it]

      • I had a candid talk with Tom about it during this podcast. Make what you will of it.

        I was trying to get to the root of ‘sacrifice’ in a modern context in the US. Contrasted with the Festivals of Nepal, it’s like apples to shoes.

        If by practical, you mean – they don’t eat it afterwards? I haven’t met a person in the U.S. that does this that doesn’t. If Tom were Hindu, perhaps he may let the meat rot and it would seem like no practical reason to kill the animal would be to appease ‘gods’ but in his own words, they ate it.

  4. This is why I enjoy Satanic International. Black may in fact have succumbed to avarice at one point or another as you have said, but my experience with the network has been very positive. Pretty sure Black is atheistic and so am I, yet there are lots of theistic Satanists on there and we all seem to get along pretty well! While there are inevitably a few nutjobs, for the most part the posts in the SIN FB page are far more intelligent than other Satanic FB groups, and I’ve met some great people through it, one of whom I may even be able to work with at some point!

  5. What would someone who dared to stand up to god do with a dead animal? :-/If Satan is a real entity he would look puzzled.” I appreciate the sentiment but burned goat does’nt smell so good. So he does’nt know how to roast a goat? Why not plant trees? It could do wonders for the ozone layer which got damaged from mass burnt sacrifices. I’m too fly for this smokey s**t, tell them to stop! ” Satan rocks and I think He/She/It would prefere a nature reserve in His name- not a bunch of charred animals.

    • Agreed, there are many alternative ways the individual can acknowledge Satan if that is what they wish to do. As you say, I think an entity would find a burnt offering of little value.

  6. Satanism is not a religion. It is a philosophy of ultimate narcissm and hedonism.

    America is a nation founded upon God centered values. The Devil was known in 1776 just as today. If our nation’s founders wanted devil worship included as a sanctioned American activity they would have made that clear. Instead they wisely placed God on every piece of money – a sage reminder to think of what we are using our money for.

    • Satanism is an individual worldview that many in Satanism see as a religion. Whilst some Satanists might embrace narcissm and hedonism in their Satanic philosophy, these are minor qualities in Satanism.

      The USA was founded based on secular principles that made the division between religion and state as a foundation stone of its nationhood. Regardless of the attitudes of the people long dead, the secular society of modern USA embraces all religions in a secular form of democracy.

      I was tempted to disallow your comment because it was off-topic, ignorant and ranting, that offered nothing of value to the blog post. Satanicviews has low tolerance of idiots and their idiot comments, so if you comment again on this blog, please read the blog policies, as I will either delete or edit comments.

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