The gift to ask questions

One of the greatest qualities of the Left Hand Path, including Satanism, is the ability to question.  Once authority figures have convinced the individual to stop asking questions, then the individual has begun the slide into slavish stupidity.  Regardless of threat and violence the real Satanist I consider will never accept another’s truth without questioning it.

The Christian pastor in the short video below felt threatened by a “smart Kid”, because “smart kids” are the most “dangerous”, so he turned to violence to force the kid to turn to his religion.

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15 thoughts on “The gift to ask questions

  1. I like to play devils advocate on a lot of issues simply because I think the most important thing we can do is question everything. Right now it’s not a matter of enough information being available, but TOO much information available. You can find arguments to back up any idea or side of a coin and they’ll all be seemingly valid. Question everything, do your homework, trust your instincts.

  2. Smart kids won’t be fooled by douchebags like this. If a kid can see thru his lies, he’s not a very good pastor.

    I doubt he is telling the truth about any of this. But I’ll assume he is.

    If he did hit a kid in the chest like he demonstrated, that kid would most likely be dead.

    And I seriously doubt he converted that kid. These people lie constantly. If anything, that kid agreed with that bully in order to get away from him. But knowing what I know from seeing what I’ve seen, I say this pastors entire story is a complete fiction. It’s all a parable on how he is threatened by intelligent people that he is powerless to influence.

    • I am sure you are right, since that is going to result in criminal prosecution if he had hit the kid like that.

      In former times this was how Christianity forced their truth upon everyone, by violence and intimidation.

      • They’d still do it today if they had the political power they used to have. There’s always an undercurrent of violence with these people, They haven’t advanced. Not advancing is a virtue to these people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard something like “He/She was a great person of lifelong child-like faith, never wavering” etc. This wasted potential is sad to think about.

  3. hmm, nice find gotta say ever since I started questioning my belief in the church I questioned more and more until I saw the church was just a belief that was blinded by its own followers. At least that is my conclusion. I do not know much on history, but wasn’t there some crusade in the name of the church that was violent. While I watched the video without audio, the pastor seemed to have nervous gestures stroking his tie and then he brought in a violent gesture in a church or some would think of the church as a place of healing much like a temple. Sorry got carried away there. One more thing I noticed is the “satanist” is great when it comes to philosophy.

    Thanks for reading,

    • The Christian Church has been involved in various bloody crusades throughout its history including many against the Muslims.

      I think the pastor and his church are even more nervous now with all the media publicity he got over that video.

      Satanists are thinkers, so philosophy comes natural to many of us.

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