Satanism and animal sacrifice in Bolivia

The position of this blog relating to the following article is that the sacrifice of living things to Satan or any other entity confers no more advantage than eating a jam doughnut.  Blood sacrifice is an expression of ignorance, a quality that is unworthy in Satanism  – Satanicviews.

Where the Catholic Church is strong there is usually a strong focus on a form of Reverse Christianity where individuals take a Christian interpretation of the Satanism in their personal religion.  Whereas in the USA it is the atheistic interpretations of Satanism that dominate, in Latin America it is Reverse Christianity.

At a certain point in a road in Bolivia dozens of Satanists regularly gather to perform sacrifices of animals to “Uncle Lucifer”, a problem that has caused the local officials to consider passing laws to outlaw the sacrifice of animals by Satanists but still allowing the practice by indigenous people.

The animals are wrapped in cloth and made to drink alcohol, after which they are either stabbed, buried alive or strangled.  Three years ago police destroyed an alter to Lucifer after they allegedly found a human body close by.

4 thoughts on “Satanism and animal sacrifice in Bolivia

  1. I was recently reading about rituals that involve animal sacrifice and how to go about it in modern times. The use of an egg instead was suggested, which I thought was somewhat of a good idea.

  2. I used my own blood in my dedication. The thought of killing so much as an amoeba as a sacrifice repels me. Although I suppose did kill some innocent blood cells…

    Satanism is about life, not death. Christianity is the death cult, so they may as well stay in church.

    1. I see death and life to be equally important in the LHP, since the LHP individual can only transform by killing off what was before, being reborn as something new. The Christian Church as you say is totally obsessed with suffering and death, there is no happy endings in Christianity.

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