Satanists and Christians get violent

Much to the delight of the public and the news media the champions of Jesus and Satan have been getting physical with each other in recent months, though fortunately there is yet to be any blood spilt.

A couple of days before Halloween in 2014 a self proclaimed Satanist smashed his car into the controversial Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol that the Christians had installed, destroying it.  The “Satanist” said Satan had instructed him to do it before being carted off to a mental institution.

During the Christmas period in 2014 a self proclaimed “Catholic Warrior” destroyed the Satanic Temple display at the Florida State Capitol, booking her place in the local jail.

With the heat rising in the Christian-Satanist fight for the religious soul of America it is good to see the domination of Christianity being challenged in the USA.



11 thoughts on “Satanists and Christians get violent

  1. Here in the US, I see christianity losing power, but not due to conflict between religions. People are just leaving it. Churches are sitting vacant and no one is buying them. Those that aren’t vacant are filled with old people, and will soon be vacant.

    I think thus is why the pope is focusing on 3rd world countries. It’s the only place where they have a firm grasp over other people. But tithing goats and chickens isn’t going to pay the bills.

    They don’t have anywhere near the power they used to have here in the US.

    • This is good news for the Left Hand Path. I have seen articles that seem to indicate the failure of Christianity across most of the nations of the West. I believe it will be only time before places such as Latin America, Africa and the Far East similarly reject Christianity.

  2. Ahh, at first I thought you were saying that the Catholic Warrior destroyed the Baphomet statue. I wasn’t totally sure whether or not it had been erected yet, but I thought that would have been such a hilarious end to the whole debacle: Both monuments destroyed anyway. hahaha

      • Yeah I think it was a great way to respond to the Commandments monument, but an ideal location for that statue in its own right definitely isn’t in front of a government building! Maybe somewhere more nature-y. Like a park.

      • Truth be told, that’s a dream of mine should I ever become wealthy enough. I’d love to buy a decent enough little piece of land to turn into a park with various statues and things, areas for reflection & contemplation, and maybe even a small chapel. Not a building for religious congregation, but for reflection & study.

      • There has been talk amongst various LHP individuals during 2014 of purchasing buildings for LHP purposes, but I think it cheaper and more beneficial to have little plots of land which are converted into parks as you proposed.

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