Russian couple name baby Lucifer

Russian news media last October reports that a Satanist couple in Siberia in Russia have named their baby “Lucifer” much to the horror of the local Christian church.  After a complicated birth the couple named the child Lucifer despite the local registry office trying to convince them otherwise.

The local church called for the child to be taken into care and given to a Christian foster family, though in Russian law there is nothing to stop a parent naming their child Lucifer.

6 thoughts on “Russian couple name baby Lucifer

  1. All meaning behind the name aside, I quite like the name Lucifer.
    I also see such an entity as quite heroic, and this would find it honorable to be named such.
    The biggest drawback I can see in naming a child Lucifer is that growing up other children might tease.

  2. The parents will take the heat for a while, but the kid will take the heat for a lifetime, or until he is 14 and by then most of the damage is already done. The husband should change his name to Lucifer if he wanted to make a “statement”

  3. Someone said the same about me, that I should just change my name to Lucifer instead of naming my son that, but that wasn’t the point. I love my name! I also love my son’s name, and see him as a bringer of light to our world. He is a happy and handsome little boy. I have done research on other people with that name and most of them have never been picked on or had any issues. Nearly a year after my son’s birth, only a very few people have been taken aback by his name or questioned it, and even in those situations they didn’t let it influence their relations with him. Even his grandparents (who were very against the name), have just taken to calling him Luke or LJ (initials).

    Life is tough, and my son probably won’t have to deal with much flack for his name, but if he does, he will just have to learn to explain it to people and if they still want to ostracize him for it then they aren’t worth being in his life anyway.

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