Leader resigns from Satanic Temple

It is often on the wave of success that the individual or group become vulnerable to conceit, with disaster soon to follow.  It would appear after a tsunami of success the Satanic Temple has suffered some fracturing with the unholy partnership of atheism and theism ending through leaders Brian Werner, a theist, and Doug Mesner, an atheist, ending with Werner quitting the Satanic Temple at the end of December 2014.

In his video on his resignation Werner was modest in his criticism of the current direction of the Satanic Temple, but revealed two significant issues within the Satanic Temple.  The first issue was that the Satanic Temple has begun to jettison its inclusive approach of inviting Satanists from all backgrounds to join it, and has become a totally atheistic Satanic group, which sits awkwardly with its claim to be a religion for the purposes of US laws against discrimination.   The second issue, and one that could potentially destroy the Satanic Temple, is the failure of democracy in the group, with one unnamed female individual, possibly the head of the Detroit Chapter, becoming the defacto decision maker on who becomes a leader of the chapters without consultation to leaders or fellow members, leading to concerns of lack of quality control.

Werner initially challenged the new direction that Satanic Temple was headed, but was brushed aside, with Mesner appointing lawyers in an attempt to make Werner sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Werner claimed that other key members would also be quitting the Satanic Temple, though to date the resignations have not impacted the Satanic Temple in either the media or public perception.  The Satanic Temple has remained silent on the fracturing of their membership.

It is the nature of the Satanist to be an individual, to take only those actions that serves their own ends, it is therefore with little surprise that yet another Satanic group has fallen to hubris and tyranny. It will be interesting to see how the events of the last month will impact the momentum, if at all, of the Satanic Temple in 2015.

The Brian Werner resignation video is as below:


10 thoughts on “Leader resigns from Satanic Temple

  1. “It is the nature of the Satanist to be an individual, to take only those actions that serves their own ends, it is therefore with little surprise that yet another Satanic group has fallen to hubris and tyranny. ”

    Well said! I think that is the root of the problem. It’s why I don’t mess with organizations.

  2. I’m basically on the same page. I joined Satanic International Organization, but that’s in no way structured similarly. It’s more about simply meeting other Satanists. I think Zach Black is playing it safe, and definitely doesn’t seem to imagine himself as the figurehead of some religious movement. He’s just a Satanist, making himself useful. I don’t know that you’ll ever see a stable Satanic organization that’s structured like a church. At the very least the Temple could potentially accomplish a few things before fizzling out.

    • This blog has been following and reporting on the activities of Zach Black who in running his forum has also been subject to personal hubris. Black seems to have borrowed some ideas from the Satanic Temple in relation to his own Satanic International Organization, for instance the creation of chapters. I believe that Satanic organizations have no place in Satanism, as Satanists should all be embracing individualism, not herding together like sheep in group-minded organizations.

      • I was about to to say, I’m not as familiar with the activities of either group as you are so I should be careful not to be too presumptuous, but we’ll just have to see I guess. I hope he can avoid most of the trappings and pathologies that seem to sooner or later plague anyone trying to do anything like this, but who knows. I still appreciate the existence of SIN, and you seem like you understand that at the very least we should be supportive of these individuals, up until that hubris begins to defeat the purpose entirely of other Satanists being involved. I just hope I can meet a few others in my area, even if those acquaintanceships don’t lead to anything very fruitful. Guess you gotta test the water at least once before you know whether it’s worth swimming in… In any case, the internet will remain the premier place to connect with like-minded individuals for us (or anyone really), just as it has been for atheists for a decade and a half.

      • Agreed, the internet is a useful place to connect with like-minded individuals. The internet and all its sites are tools by which the individual can manifest their personal will in the Left Hand Path. The danger is always that the individual might become the slave rather than the master of the tool.

        This blog can see both the positive and negative sides of individuals such as Zack Black, or organizations such as SIN and the Satanic Temple.

        At the end of the day it is down to the individual Satanist to find what works for them and to discover through experience the nature of the individuals and groups that make the Left Hand Path the interesting path it is.

  3. Unfortunately, Brian is not the first to run afoul of this sociopath and he won’t be the last. Doug Mesner has a history of betraying and abandoning those close to him. No matter how impressive his work, it doesn’t cancel out the harm he does to others. It’s hard to be supportive of this group as long as he is the public face.

    For all its admirable goals, the value of The Satanic Temple’s message may well be permanently eclipsed by the significant moral failings of the messenger.

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