A flaming welcome to 2015

2015 and this blog is back for another year of hardcore Satanic views.

I took a few months off from blogging to do sinister real world things that gave me no time for internet postings, but it is a joy to be back once again to blog during 2015.

2014 was marked in my view by two significant manifestations: ISIS and the Satanic Temple.  It is a joy to note that the fastest growing religion in this world – Islam – has managed to manifest a diabolical creation like ISIS, that has reduced over a thousand years of Islamic tradition and teachings to a mess of hypocrisy and barbarianism.  Whilst Christianity was dying, the religion of Islam was the newest possible contender against Satanism, the potential of which could have been a new era of burning Satanists at the stake, a sport so beloved of Christendom until a few hundred years ago.  The corporate-like PR of ISIS has managed to obliterate the credibility of Islam in the eyes of the many, whilst the moderate majority of Muslims sat silent and passive.  The Christian-inspired policies of the former US and UK leaders Bush and Blair effectively cleaned out two thousand years of Christianity in places such as Syria, Iraq and Libya whilst Christians like their Muslim counterparts sat watching and did nothing.  The inadequacy of Islam and Christianity is pleasing to my mind, showing that Satanism has a bright future without fear of much opposition.

It was a roller coaster of a ride for Satanic Temple in 2014 as it shoved the old goat called the Church of Satan aside to grab the headlines and the representation of Satanism in the minds of the media and the public masses.  Just when I thought Satanism was getting boring, the Satanic Temple made Satanism interesting again.  Yes, this blog has issues with some of the activities and policies of the Satanic Temple, but this blog respects all those who can shake up the status quo through deeds that deliver good results.

I raise my wine glass to 2015 with a positive mind that Satanism will manifest to the world a new era of sinister expression.


7 thoughts on “A flaming welcome to 2015

  1. “…Satanism has a bright future without fear of much opposition.”

    This is so true. I’ve been feeling lately that Satanism, like the repressed memories and impulses of an unhealthy human mind, will eventually force it’s way to the surface and come to define its host. It’s somewhat analogous to the metaphor of losing more grains of sand the harder you clench you’re fist. I know Satanism can’t be stopped considering how organically it often arises in people minds, whereas any orthodox religion must be inculcated into the mind of a child, or used in such a way so as to prey on the weaknesses of an insecure and confused adult. I can’t explain thoroughly enough how much it felt like Satan was already a part of me. It’s bizarre and inspiring.

    This isn’t to say I think it’ll become some world-dominating religion or something. I don’t think it’s possible for Satanism to conquer the world, bringing most people into the fold. I don’t believe it could possibly be considered Satanism at that point. I feel Satanism by definition can only fill a small but influential niche, and that Satan (whatever your interpretation), while ever present, only manifests as Satanism when the world needs it to, just as Satan only manifested as the dominant symbol in my own mind during a time of great personal turmoil and a desperate need for a way to genuinely respect myself, to break the shackles of the social & ideological matrices that enslaved me and to begin truly living with my own mental & physical health & self-actualization as my highest value.

    I love your blog! And I apologize for my overly-wordy comments. I should just start writing my own blog posts about these thoughts considering my ‘About’ page already states my religious preference. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Descent, they are most welcome. The advancement of Satanism into this Christian-Islamic dominated world is in my opinion a good thing showing that the hold of these organized religions have started to break apart.

      There is probably some truth to the idea that people of a Left Hand Path orientation are born to it rather than evolve to it, and a good indicator of such people are those that from early on are questioning what is being told to them by authority figures. Just as the organized religions are weakening so those individuals of a Satanic disposition are discovering their Satanism and adding their voice to a confidently growing minority of people who are asserting their desire for their outlook to be treated as valid as any organized religion.

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