Satanism used in propaganda war against terrorists

For the ruler Satanism has always been a useful tool in which to stoke up hysterical moral panics for political or religious ends. We are all familiar with the Satanic panics of Satanic ritual abuse of children, largely proven to be a false, but during the 1970’s the British authorities used Satanism to attempt to damage Irish terrorist groups.

According to various British media sources such as the Guardian newspaper British spies would plant black candles and other black magic regalia at scenes of terrorist activity, whilst circulating fictional stories in the media that Irish terrorists were involved in Satanism.  The aims of the the “psych-ops” was to damage support of the deeply religious Irish community for the terrorists who hid amongst them, whilst keeping children and teenagers off the streets.

The operation largely failed, but offers insights that Satanism is often used by ruling authorities in which to control their citizens through fear.  Apart from a few extreme elements such as Joy of Satan or the Order of Nine Angles the involvement of Satanists in ritualistic murder or child abuse is rare.  Most Satanists follow a path that is strongly individualistic and liberated rather than one that conforms to the typical Christian stereotype of a murderous sexually abusing devil worshipper.


9 thoughts on “Satanism used in propaganda war against terrorists

  1. “Christian stereotype of a murderous sexually abusing devil worshipper.”

    I don’t see that as a stereotype, but as projection. Individual christians are probably truly horrified about the vaticans abuse of kids and other crimes against humanity, but they have to come up with some way to blame Satanists. Malachi Martin is a source they frequently use.

    I didn’t know that Satanism accusations were used against the Irish. That’s news to me. But it doesn’t surprise me.

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