Creating Satanic books for children and teens

Back in August I asked if any Satanists knew about any books for children and teens, and it appears there are none.  Most recently the Satanic Temple produced a controversial book for children as part of their latest campaign involving California schools.  This blog recognises there could be a need for age appropriate material for children of Satanists, for children aged under 13, and for teens aged 13 and upwards.

This writer is talking to others about forming an incorporated company, which will then attract funding to finance projects such as age appropriate Satanic books for children and teens.  Writers and illustrators would be commissioned to produce the books, which would be privately published and distributed through the company website plus other appropriate outlets.

Subjects that such books would cover would be to challenge stereotypes that the ignorant and Christian tend to paint of Satanism; various stories or myths associated with Satan; practical skills such as critical thinking; mental skills some call lesser magic such as visualisation, mentalism; strategies such as mentioned in the Laws of Power and the Art of War books; answering common questions as appear on question and answer internet sites on Satanism.

Business plans, research and development and various administrative actions have to take place before such projects could be launched, but this blog welcomes ideas and feedback on this proposal.


3 thoughts on “Creating Satanic books for children and teens

  1. Would this be a money maker or a non-profit? I know you said a business plan is needed, but if it’s a not for making money then are books necessary? Would a website suffice? That way it would be more accessible to those that choose to read it. I don’t know how much advertising would cost. Maybe ads could generate some revenue?

    It seems to me that kids are more comfortable reading on the internet than reading books. And they can pick and choose what they want to learn about.

    I think there are quite a few youngsters that read my site, since the stats went down after school started.

    • Hi LC, thanks for your feedback. There are various business structures available such as not-for-profits, though nothing is yet decided.

      I think “isatan” might be a useful website for those that desire to explore Satanism on a 1-to1 basis since there are plans to use AI with it. With regards to children it is better they have a parent or mentor looking after them, so that a book can be used by the parent or mentor as a teaching aid. I feel that with regards to children without someone guiding them in a position of trust, material on a website or in a book could be easily misunderstood.

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