More love and unity in Satanism

Creating and joining groups in the Left Hand Path today is like going back to the stone age, saying stone tools are better than metal tools.  The LHP has always been the path of the individual, not a path of more group-minded institutions.

Rumour suggests that the Satanic Temple, the Sect of the Horned God and the Satanic International Network forum are working together to form one large happy family of unity for all Satanists.

The Satanic Temple is doing a worthy job as a political and social group for LHP activists, but media successes have gone to their heads, and they seem to be moving towards setting up as another form of Church of Satan.  Each passing month the Satanic Temple is transforming into another expression of unity and love in Satanism, they have built a new website for their shift to group-minded consciousness.

Sect of the Horned God have their own commune and have set themselves up as a teaching institution for Satanists.  Interestingly even some members of the trollish psychopathic Satanic cult the Order of Nine Angles have been recruited as teachers in the Sect of the Horned God, either sharing in the love of Satanic unity, or looking for more victims to manipulate for the lulz.

The Satanic International Network has returned after losing all its members and content in a technical meltdown, from 6000 members the forum mountain has become a molehill of a few hundred members.  The new twist is that site owner Zach Black would like $25 dollars for forum membership, for which all new members get a membership card and a special mention on a website.  How nice.  Zach Black has in the past needed member donations to pay for beer, weed and releasing his impounded car.

Meanwhile the Luciferians have also caught the unity bug after forming a church to gather all Luciferians together under one umbrella.  Formed earlier this year by leaders including Jeremy Crow (founder of Luciferian Research Society) and the most famous of Luciferians Micheal Ford the Greater Church of Lucifer wants to build Luciferian churches all over the world.

Lastly the leader of the Cult of Cthulhu, who formerly wanted to unify all the LHP under his “serious religion,” invited members in a recent sermon to participate in a Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game whilst asking “what is reality?”

19 thoughts on “More love and unity in Satanism

  1. I seriously cannot understand the need or even the desire for groups and “unity”.


    Anyone calling for unity is attempting a blatant power grab. There is nothing subtle about it. The one that gets the most members to unify under that leaders banner is the winner.

    Why can’t Satanists see this? Why would a Satanist want a leader?

    If Ford wants to build brick and mortar churches, he can save a bundle by buying vacant xtian churches. There area lot of them out there that are not selling.

    Everyone wants to be a big shot. Or wants to be close to a big shot. Except for us lone wolves.

  2. They are fooling other Satanists in order to gain power. If it’s in their personal interest to gain power to followers, I’d guess their actions are Satanic, but not in favour of the interest of Satanism in general, if there’s such a thing.

  3. These ‘organisations’ are merely a lint trap for followers and wannabes with no identity of their own. The quality of posts one can casually peruse at derptastic international network speaks for itself.

      1. Not a trap like something gets caught by, but a trap where something inevitably ends up by virtue of what it is.

        A lint trap is that little thing that catches all the extra fuzz and loose threads that come off while your clothes are being dried. The lint can’t help that it’s lint, but without that lint trap you would literally have fuzz and hair all over your clothes. Satanism has always had a lint trap, because the amount of people that come to Satanic venues is grossly out of proportion to Satanists that come to Satanic venues. Near 20 years ago it was Ning rings, then it was, then mysatan, and now SIN. As long as group minded normals with no inclination to walk the path still want ‘Satanist’ as part of their identity, such places will always exist.

  4. Cooperation with various groups doesn’t have to mean centralized structure. If there are different groups that in some things may agree, by working together they may achieve so much more, while being still independent in other areas.

    Like it or not, we live in social environment and are social animals so we can’t escape it really (unless you live in wildness). Avoiding socialization brings us nothing. I’m asocial type myself but I do see power in social works and there is no reason why would I not want to use it.

    The challenge here is to play well within society while maintaining own individuality. Sometimes those two things don’t mix and one have to choose one or another but sometimes one can lead to another. For example a poor person have little options and is dependable on social structure. Reach people who are social and use social mechanisms to make money can achieve huge personal freedom that allows them to be themselves even more, because they are no longer limited by social laws, they create and influence them! And like you are well aware, people with social power can more, democracy is illusion.

    Strict individualism isn’t equal with lack of socialization. Satanists have issues in that area, I admit, but I believe we should learn how to cope with our weak sides to get what we really want. Agreeing to be mediocre shouldn’t be an option for individual. Either you are fully yourself or you hold yourself back.

    There are individualists who love being in wild, independent of others but most of us love achievements of civilization and culture. On one side we want them, on other side we reject many things connected to them. How to cope with that? With a wit, self confidence and ability to overcome one’s weaknesses it’s possible.

    As to love and all that cumbaya that so many satanic orgs who want to play big show to others – that’s a bullshit. They show softened side of satanism but that’s not the way to go. On the other hand this is official cover because official organization must obey certain rules and satanic ones must show to be more saint then others. Despite the fact it’s real ideal or just a scam for publicity sake, it creates a social picture of satanism that influence others back the way we don’t want.

    Satanism is not about love per se. Love is not foreign for satanism but saying that we are so good, so respectful is bullshit. Being yourself sometimes mean to go against culture and social standards and that’s “bad”. Nothing can limit satanists, otherwise it’s not satanism anymore.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge about satanic temple. They do their job and they present the softened version of satanism (you can even see it on the baphomet statue) because hardcore version wouldn’t fly. They must make some compromises to have effect on society. Hopefully it won’t be their downfall, we’ll see.

    I have faith that people will raise again, developing true core ideals of satanism, despite organizations that try to be the face of it, just as it happens with CoS – they can talk all they want, they are no longer authority as they claim to be and people know it).

    1. Hi Zalbarath, thanks for your comments.

      At its core Satanism is about individualism, becoming free of the enslaving influences of group-minded slavery. It is a nonsense that Satanism has group structures, rather like throwing a fish upon the land and expecting it to survive, the fish belongs in the water, Satanists thrive in individualism.

      I take your point that the human is a social animal and that it is necessary at times to become part of a group, for instance some have to become employed in a company to pay their bills. The individual Satanist acts in group situations where they personally benefit, for instance trading their time for a wage in a place of work.

      There is no gains in becoming part of a Satanic or LHP group, they all are created to serve the interests of a leader or a leadership at the expense of the individual.

  5. The problem I see here is the assumption that a group has to have some sort of authority figure leader. If you think outside the cultural conditioning you will see that it is possible to come together in a group setting for the gain of all without any one person calling the shots. Satanism is about individualism, and thinking for ones self. It can also be a wonderful reason to gather in a group setting. If a person is so weak willed that they cannot function as part of a group, and still retain their satanic individuality, then they are a poor satanist indeed. I for one have no fear of becoming a sheep in a group, as my will and self identity arr strong enough to not get lost in group think. Isolate intelligence does not have to equal isolated person.

    1. The only ones in the LHP attempting to become a group without authority figures is the Greater Church of Lucifer. In Satanism I have yet to see a group that has no ultimate authority figure. Thanks for your insights.

  6. Some things need clarification. The Sect of the Horned God, the Satanic Temple and SIN are not working together to form some larger group. It’s only Zach and a few SIN users who support the Satanic Temple. Some members of the Sect are against the Satanic Temple, others are indifferent to it. And just because Zach happens to be the Sect member, it doesn’t mean all the Sect members support his views. The same is with SIN users. Some like TST, others don’t. SIN is not a community, just a venue to participate in discussions and post your rants on. If people don’t like the place, they are free to go elsewhere. Sadly enough, apart from the 600 Club, there is no other place to go. As you know, the CoD and the next project “the purple site” failed miserably.

    As for the SIN membership, the participation in the network is for free, unless something changes in the future. So far, Zach wants to create a purely virtual organization under the same name, probably just to earn some money. I doubt he will succeed. But the organization is not the same as the network.

    I didn’t hear about any ONA person being a teacher in the Sect of the Horned God. Dimitri, though certainly inspired by the ONA, is not the ONA member or even an associate and doesn’t claim to be one. Moreover, to join the Sect or any other serious organization you have to give your personal data and pay the fee so I doubt any ONA trolls or sock puppets would bother with it.

  7. “The new twist is that site owner Zach Black would like $25 dollars for forum membership, for which all new members get a membership card and a special mention on a website. How nice. Zach Black has in the past needed member donations to pay for beer, weed and releasing his impounded car”.

    This is inaccurate. Read again.

    Either way launching the organization was highly successful. I wish I would have done it a couple years ago. With membership reaching into the hundreds and about two dozen chapters throughout the united states alone, I say success.

    I love seeing members getting together in real life. Even if it is to have some drinks and BBQ. The network will always be free, well to users not me. Membership is optional and the benefits of becoming a registered member are provided in the link above.

    And Anna was spot on in her observation. The Sect, SIN and TST never mentioned uniting. Not sure where you came up with that one. Only connection I can see is that Lucian and I are friends. And I lived at the Sects ‘ commune ‘ for about 8 months.

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