Contradictions of the Satanic Temple

As an independent Satanist I support anything that advances Satanism but at the same time supports the basic idea that Satanism is an individual who is manifesting their will to become the god in their own lives, that is to say that in all situations the individual Satanist is not trapped in a state of conformity to an external authority figure in their own lives.

In my opinion Satanism is a path that is walked by people who want authenticity and a meaningful direction in their lives, that is to say to become the god in their own lives.  The clowns and jokers who treat Satanism in a light-hearted fashion are as meaningless as a reverse Christian who thinks Satanism is about murdering people.  Satire has its place, revealing the hypocrisy of society, or even of certain aspects of Satanism such as slavish devotion to groups, but if pursuit of comedy is an end in itself it has no place in Satanism.  A contradiction about the Satanic Temple is that some question if it is a bunch of individuals using Satanism as a running joke, or are a bunch of political activists using satire as a tool for real social change.

As a political activist group the Satanic Temple offers individual Satanists an opportunity to manifest their personal will in expressing their political natures in a medium which does not infringe upon their individuality.  There arises a further contradiction in that the Satanic Temple refers to Satanism as a religion, and goes as far as giving the appearance of religion in its activities.  Zach Black, a vocal personality who runs the Satanic International Network forum and is a leading voice on YouTube on Satanism, refers to himself as a “priest” of the Satanic Temple in his role as their spokesperson in California.  The contradiction is further confused by the main spokespeople of the Satanic Temple such as Lucien Greaves and Zach Black being rationalistic atheists.  It is however noted that the laws of the USA about religious expression grants to the Satanic Temple many liberties and protections equal to any Christian church if it does portray itself as a religion.

For the individual Satanist like me all these contradictions are confusing, but it is interesting to see how many years from now how the Satanic Temple might evolve, but there is the danger it becomes another group-minded monster like the Church of Satan.

3 thoughts on “Contradictions of the Satanic Temple

  1. Aleister,you really make me love myself more..Your teachings and explanations are easy to understand,direct to the point and full of wisdom….And yes,Satanism is not a religious but ones way of life..Hail Satan

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