Christians and Satanists flee Muslims

It is rare that Christians find common grounds of agreement with Satanists but when it comes to an enemy that hates both equally and would massacre both without a thought they found it in the advancing armies of the Islamic State who advanced into their lands in Iraq this week.

Following on from the call of a religious crusade by the US President of the time George Bush and the UK leader Tony Blair that cleared out the old rulers of Iraq, and later paved the way for collapse into anarchy in Syria and Libya as well, the crusade succeeded in wiping out the Christian community in the Middle East, and allowed the rise of an Islamic Caliphate.

Thousands of years before the Church of Satan claimed ownership of Satanism the Yazidis could claim the title of Satanist.  Though hardly fitting the template of an individual Satanist the Yazidis worship a version of Satan of the Christian story who rebelled against the Christian/Muslim/Jewish god.  The Yazidis consider their Satan to be a peacock angel called Malak Taus.

The US currently has begun delivering food and water to the Yazidis, whilst bombing Islamic positions to stem the advance of the armies of the Islamic Caliphate to prevent total genocide of both Christians and Yazidis.

9 thoughts on “Christians and Satanists flee Muslims

  1. Yazidis said it many times that out misconceptions of them being devil worshipers are not true. They have so much in common with Satanists as an apple and a rock in shape of an apple…

      1. Yes, that is dangerous.

        The reason I made that correction is that technically I have referred to a country that I do not currently live in. I live in the UK, not America (though someday I hope to live in America).

  2. I don’t think the Yazidis are or ever have been Satanists in the way we understand the word. However there are clear connections between their lore and the traditions which inspire some Satanists today. They are an interesting religious group and I hope they survive.

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