There are no Satanic victims

In my post about three Satanic questions I said the individual Satanist is the god in their own lives, they manifest their will like a painter painting the life they desire on the blank canvas of the world.  In this context there are no Satanic victims.

If the individual Satanist is the god over their own lives, and manifest their will to become whatever they desire in their lives, then they are responsible for whatever happens in their life.  Victimhood is a Christian trait, and there are too many Satanists playing their victim card showing that they have yet to put aside their Christian baggage.

As the god in my own life I have cleaned out the people, beliefs and other baggage that work against me, replaced with people and things that reflect the life I wish to have.  I refuse to compromise, I am the ultimate authority in my life, and woe anyone who seeks to challenge that.

Hate your job? Get a new one, or better go self-employed.  Hate Facebook? Leave Facebook.  Hate your weight? Go on a diet.  The moment the individual Satanist plays the victim card, they give their personal power and authority over their lives to someone else.

5 thoughts on “There are no Satanic victims

  1. Too many just can’t handle power and authority. They either abuse them, or they give them away.

    I can name many more “leaders” that aren’t fit to lead kids to the park than I can the true leaders that know how to handle power and authority over themselves and over others.

    Too bad they don’t teach leadership skills in school.

  2. Many people feel repressed under christianity or any abrahamic faiths or culture based on those. Some of them become interested on satanism but the issue is, they often have victim type of mentality and expect to gain some immediate power from Satan. They are trying to fill the weak spots with quick solution instead looking for the power inside them.

    If someone comes has victim mentality but is trying to overcome that – kudos to him/her, with time they may become full grown satanists.
    But if they just insist on needy attitude that Satan must give them power just because they are self full of hate and resentment and… fear… they’re doomed and should not find a welcoming place among satanists. They are weak individuals who weaken others.
    Only those who can really coin strength from weakness are people who truly embrace spirit of satanic black flame.

    All in all, if one wants to be satanist, he/she doesn’t have to have godhood mentality at start, but should genuinely aim to that state and have success in that.

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