Second LHP conference a success

Over three days last week individuals from the Left Hand Path descended upon Indianapolis USA at the second LHP conference.  Building on the first conference held two years ago in Toronto the organizers of the second conference had ambitious plans.  With months to go, having already incurred huge expenses in the face of slow ticket sales the conference was threatened with cancellation and serious debt for its organizers.

The organizer Laurie Pneumatikos said at the time that she was determined there would be a conference, even if it was in her sitting room.  Pneumatikos later decided she would take the risk of serious debt and went ahead with the conference, with a few alterations.  The risk appeared to pay off as ticket sales increased and individuals from the LHP donated in various ways to the conference.

Over three days there was live music, a black mass, lectures, a ball, trade stands and other activities that made for a successful conference.  Pneumatikos said on Facebook:

“I just wanted to say one final thing about the 2nd International Left Hand Path Conference. All of you who attended, including guests, presenters, artists, musicians, Gaia Works volunteers, and others, made an incredible impression on the hotel staff and guests. YOU ALL demonstrated that walkers of the Left Hand Path possess HONOR and CLASS. Your exceptional manners, friendliness, openness and politeness did not go unnoticed. And you all deserve to be commended for that. WE proved to the world that WE are honorable, contributing members of society and I am PROUD as HELL to call you all my FRIENDS!!!!!


There are plans to hold a third LHP conference in New Orleans USA in 2015.

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