The decline of a Satanic forum

Satanic International Network (SIN) in 2010 was the latest incarnation of numerous internet forums for Satanists stretching back to the dawn of the internet.  Founded on the back of a successful YouTube channel by a Satanist calling himself Zach Black SIN attracted at its zenith 5000 Satanists, though more well-known Satanists ignored it.

The problems of all forums on the internet is that they encourage mediocrity, slavish group think, a tendency of being overrun by a vocal clique of crowing roosters, with 90% or more of the forum membership going inactive.  SIN had all these problems, in addition some of the roosters let the power go to their heads and were bullying newcomers.

Zack Black appeared on a comedy television broadcast in 2013 involving Satanism, which resulted in envious roosters on SIN clashing with the SIN founder.  In the resulting carnage the roosters were either metaphorically slaughtered or flew away from SIN leaving a forum looking like a graveyard, the thousands of forum members as useful as corpses in the grave.

After the roosters left SIN suffered hacking and technical problems, earlier this month permanently losing all its membership data and content.  Developing ties with the Satanic Temple Zack Black hopes to restart his SIN forum, which so far is a painfully slow site claiming only a few dozen members.

The roosters initially founded their own internet forum, which collapsed in months.  Many of the roosters flew to take over the longest running Satanic forum on the internet called 600Club where they keep it on life support.

It takes no mystical powers to predict that the latest incarnation of SIN will suffer a similar fate that seems to afflict all internet forums, they have yet to attract resident roosters, but they will soon come.


16 thoughts on “The decline of a Satanic forum

  1. Such forums have a big flaw – no focus, no goal. On such base people start to drag out their egos creating dramas. forum was the best forum I ever saw because it was focused on practice, not on empty discussions, however its time is gone too due to changes in Internet. Now people prefer facebook then old school forums (that are nowadays mostly used for support of various products or services – otherwise people would give up on them entirely).

    As to SIN forum, there were mostly a great deal of arrogant laveyans who are incredibly limited in their views yet full of overblown convictions that they are so smart… I saw the same in polish forums dominated by laveyans. Newbies were literally trashed, never had chance to talk respectfully, unless one had a strong esteem and didn’t let be crashed. So yeah, most forums are waste of time but they are or were some exceptions. Of course even in those good forums one could observe some social trends – that always happens with a greater number of people – it’s unavoidable.

    However a strong individual may be able to communicate on social level but doesn’t let himself be steered by it. That is the goal satanists should aim for IMO.

    • Hi Zalbarath, you have said it better than I about internet forums. You make a good point that any Satanic internet site should have a clear focus or goal so that people are focused on activities like practical Satanism rather than massaging personal egos.

  2. Never joining any of the forums, I have read through some of them. To me, it appeared that there were a lot of unintelligent people on the forums. I kept thinking that if this is supposed to be a representation of the Satanic “community” then we’re in trouble. The broken English, misspelled words and lack of punctuation was enough for me to never want to join.

    • forum was different, at least when I participated there (many years ago, threads are already archived and not available). All participants tried to write correctly. Of course once in a while there were some individuals who started with sloppy language but since everyone was using punctuation, correct grammar, etc. they had to adjust, otherwise nobody would treat them seriously.

      In short words, that forum had high culture and users had to adapt or leave. Forum admins set high standards and up kept them.

      So IT IS POSSIBLE to have respectful, intelligent and meaningful discussions (even if the whole point is to show of your cats ;P) on forums. However such places are pearls, rarely seen anywhere, not just in satanism.

      The boss highest admin is the most important person. “The fish rots from its head” – it’s what we say in polish – it means that the top influences everything so if they suck, the rest won’t be better. I saw the truth to this rule in schools and all orgs. Strong and ambitious leader was always in high quality places, weak and spineless directors/managers were always in places where chaos and low quality of behavior dominated.

      • I have seen the same situation with organizations and businesses I have been involved with, poor leadership resulting in a sick work environment.

        I shall take a look at the archive record for

  3. The roosters are crowing, fighting and displaying bravado, because they think they are the kings of the farm. But the time will come when all the roosters, one by one, will make their way into the oven, where they will be roasted and then served in wine sauce with herbs, mushrooms and vegetables as a delicious Coq au Vin. The fate of rooster, no matter how cocky that rooster is, is to end up in his master’s belly.

  4. A blog is a forum. The only time it’s a monologue of expression is when you have the ability to comment disabled.

    I’ve never been a member of S.I.N. but based in my observation of the various conflicts, I think it’s being intellectually dishonest to just classify it as pure Envy.

    When Zach was sharing the up-coming comedy endeavor, many of those same people were supportive. It was when he was making a bigger deal of it than it actually was, is where the rubber hit the road.

    It became a point of contention in debates:

    “Oh well what you doing in the ‘real world’, I’m over here on TV.”

    or “I built a forum with over 6000 members, what have you done?”

    Even if the majority of those accounts were inactive, socks (created by Zach himself to pad the numbers), etc. It was a bogus way to win the argument.

    When did ‘Satanism’ get reduced to a flag to waive?

    The various incantations of 600c have been the same, as far as I can tell. Just an archive of dialogues about particular subjects. If you’re looking for signs of ‘Life’, then you’re just doing it wrong. Even when people aren’t directly participating, plenty are reading the archives. The ‘users online’ feature always show someone is reading them. Google crawlers (among others) put them in the search engines. It’s just a purveyance of perspectives. Not much different than a blog.

    Can a Satanist be bullied? What are we talking about here? An inability to manage one’s compulsions? If a user is engaged, the choice to take up the challenge is still a personal choice.

    • The blog is a personal site of the thoughts and ideas of its creator, an internet forum is designed for a community. Ironically a good personal blog can be more active than a large internet forum.

      Zach Black certainly leveraged up every ounce of benefit he could from his brief appearance in the limelight, but the reaction of the roosters can only be described in my view as envy.

      This blog article was mainly about SIN, and used it as an example of the uselessness of Satanic internet forums. 600Club has been consistent in promoting quality, for instance banning one-liners, but if an internet site was primarily designed as a library of Satanic content then it would be better as a wiki. 600Club is designed for an LHP community, it is no more than a pile of personal opinions subject to prejudice and personal bias. 600Club as a community forum is a low activity forum, with a few dozen of thousands doing most of the posting. I note you are one of their top posters, and it is because of you that it has signs of a limited life pulse.

      Anyone can be bullied, it is how the individual deals with the bullying that separates the gods from the sheep.

      • Not envy but stupidity. When you are blinded by rage, you cannot see further than the end of your nose. Apart from Zach and the folks you call roosters, there were trolls, visitors and observers, whose agenda could as well reach a bit further than the personal drama. What you see as a decline and disintegration of a Satanic forum could be simply people losing interest in the forums or it could be someone’s undercover work.

        Most people are sheep though they delude themselves they are special snowflakes; read: the elite. In fact, we are just ordinary forum users, presenting our little opinions on the venues a few people cared to design. That’s all there is to it. The rest is bullshit, the honey trap for the pawns, puppets and monkeys, who will do anything to get the cookie, including cutting off the branch on which they are sitting.

  5. “takes no mystical powers to predict that the latest incarnation of SIN will suffer a similar fate that seems to afflict all internet forums, they have yet to attract resident roosters, but they will soon come”.

    Still waiting. But your lofty prediction will eventually turn out to be correct. Not in my life time. And maybe not in yours.

    Not easy to run a social network. The issues and problems you have pointed out are real. I have done my best to deal with the issues this time around. Now that the ” roosters ” are gone things are running quite smoothly. Maybe the newest version on SIN will be the working one.

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