Rejecting authority figures

The irony of a certain so-called Satanic organization that claims credibility, authority and notability because a couple of academics mentioned them in a journal is to me personally amusing.  Satanic authority comes from self, never from an external authority.  Should I consider myself a Satanist only because an academic mentioned me in his obscure paper?

The deluded game that the power-hungry individual or groups of Satanists play: purchase a title from an external authority, such as reverend; associate themselves with an external Satanic authority such as Anton Lavey; seek notability from mentions by external authorities such as journalists or academics; parade x-number of followers.  Such fools gain the delusion of power because other fools are seduced by such glitter and glamor then deliver their brains and sex organs on a silver tray in slavish devotion to the greater fool – sheep following sheep.  How can an individual Satanist respect such people who parade their credentials given to them by external authorities, knowing that a  core quality of Satanism is authority of self over the life of self that rejects external authorities?


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