The delusion of power

It was interesting to watch the events unfolding after the Malaysian plane crash in the Ukraine: an insight into power.  It seemed a simple enough mission to quickly return a dead child from the site of the crash to their relatives, but the leaders of the most powerful nations on earth: including President Obama (USA) and President Putin (Russia); the great power groupings of the United Nations, NATO, the European Union; even the overall authorities ruling the Ukraine; could not make this happen.  A little man called Grumpy had the whole world watching powerless to do anything.  Many days after this crash, as I now write this post, only two-thirds of the bodies are recovered, still in transit to a facility that will take months to identify, what are now decomposing, maggot infested and sun bloated corpses.  The reality was manifested in this failing of a simple task of recovering bodies from a plane crash on European soil, that power is a delusion, the rulers spin until they are dizzy but in action they are impotent.

The so-called powerful rulers enjoy their power by consent of those that give to them their time, energy and money.  The policeman that stopped me in the street last year who had always enjoyed an easy stop-and-search from his consenting victims was shocked when I challenged him, in the confrontation I erased all his power over me, I showed to that policeman the limits and hollowness of his power because I did not give him consent, authority over me.

The only worthy power any individual has is what each individual grants to themselves.  The Satanist is their own god in their own lives, in believing and manifesting personal will of becoming god in their own lives the Satanist grants to themselves unlimited potential to become whatever they desire.  The slave, including those Satanists who have appointed external authorities to rule over themselves, have limited their personal power to what those external authorities allow them, acting within limits of artificial self or externally imposed limitations.

It is a hardcore view of mine that if the individual Satanist has no respect for their own power to become their own god, giving away their power to external authorities, they have no legitimate authority to call themselves a Satanist.  Satan in the story manifested his personal will to become his own god, he put aside abdication of his personal power to the external authority of the Christian god.  If it is the desire of an individual to associate themselves with the archetype of Satan, then they should take note of the story of Satan that there can be no other authority but the self over an individual’s life.


13 thoughts on “The delusion of power

  1. It’s so easy to forget that each individual has their own Power. In definitely one of those people that forgets!

    Separately, do you know of a good no -American news source that will give more info on the Crash? Our news is skewed. I know it’s skewed in the UK as well, but they have a slightly different spin on what’s going on.

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