The subject of revenge

A savage murder. A radio show phone in talks of revenge.  Anonymous people on the internet talk of revenge.  News of the murder escalates overseas, and potential assassins are ordered to take revenge.

Although I have a certain connection to those impacted by the murder, I take an objective stance.  If for instance the psychopathic cult the Order of Nine Angles murdered someone in my community, I must take an objective stance of letting that go, it does not directly impact me.  If however, the Order of Nine Angles killed someone in my family, then I would hunt down the killers and the founder of the Order of Nine Angles David Myatt and exact revenge under the philosophy of blood fued.  Even though I no longer talk to certain members of my family who became Mormons, if they were to be murdered, I would go hunting for the killers, plus their leader.

I find that in modern society people need to poke their noses into other peoples lives which has no connection to them.  People make meaningless noises about revenge for the murder of someone they never met, had no blood relationship with, who they knew nothing about.  People live in other peoples shoes because their own lives are without meaning.  Revenge has its place, and only when it impacts the individual directly.

2 thoughts on “The subject of revenge

  1. Thanks for giving me that precious advice about revenge.It means alot to me this time because im in Africa in a certain country where we have alot of polical unrest and ethinicity hatred.People are threatening their neighbors who are not of their tribe with death.We had such a scenario sometime back and people died..I had no feeling of what gonna happen to anybody who is not in my kin but now you have strengthened me more..I will say this loud and clear,just like you have told me,ITS NOT MY WAR,period..

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