Webs on the crooked path

If the Satanic path was a crooked path, and things such as conformity were metaphorical spider web, and if you could see all those spider webs, you would be shocked how many there were to ensnare you in their enslaving embrace.  It is a challenging path the Satanist will walk, a journey that will go on unto the last breath of life.  At every step of the journey there are the spider webs, and if you should fall to them you are forced to waste precious time, energy and money to become free of them.  Part of the Satanic approach is to see the spider webs in order to avoid them every second of the day, every choice the Satanist makes.  The potential friend, are they really a friend, or are they another spider web waiting to entrap you? Is the choice you are making one that will increase your liberty, or push you further into slavery? The journey is yours to make, but watch always for the spider webs.

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