Deceitful Christians, deceitful Satanists

I made a comment about the Christian Bible being one of the most blood thirsty books ever written on a blog, upon which a Christian replied saying that nobody should believe a Satanist as we are all deceitful.  In my view why would I be deceitful when the truth about the Christian Bible is more fun?

The Satanist knows that truth is relative, and also uses the legitimate tool of deceit to survive in a Christian-dominated world that is hostile to those of the Left Hand Path.  The Christian actually believes their own deceits including that everyone is born a sinner, their Bible is the literal word of their god, and that only their Jesus can save them, amongst hundreds of other deceits.  I would suggest the Satanist lives the more authentic life of the real rather than a Christian who enslaves themselves in their own delusional deceit.


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