Goals against enslaving distractions

People selling me things harassed me all day yesterday: e-mails; stopped in the street; mail; phone calls.  The selling ranged from religion to boiler replacement, which is a tiny fraction of the daily noise that bombard the individual Satanist demanding their time, energy and money.  Personal space is randomly and frequently invaded by the salespeople of unwanted junk.

Once the Satanist has defined their important goals, then with discipline focused their attention upon those goals, an invisible filter comes into existence as a barrier to the distractions demanding slavery to others gain at the expense of self.

4 thoughts on “Goals against enslaving distractions

  1. Whatever you may choose call this emasculated, PC, white light, liberal pablum you’re pushing, it ain’t Satanism friend. Real Satanists will crucify your kind, take everything you have, rape your children and bury you alive deep in a wood somewhere, while chanting hymns to their Father who art in Hell. So why do pseudo-Satanists like you try to appropriate memes that are inaccurate, counter-productive, and quite possibly dangerous to your health? A sheep can wear wolf’s clothing and call himself a wolf, but that doesn’t make him a wolf!

    • The interpretation of Satanism you infer to is reverse Christianity, the type propagated by the Christian church. You are naive or trolling, but “real” Satanists are unlikely to make rape and murder central to their philosophy.

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