Question everything

One of the qualities of the great individual Satanist is their ability to question everything.  Human society attempts to enslave and manipulate the Satanist every moment of life.  The individual Satanist who proceeds through life questioning all they see, hear and read, even questioning their own motives and thoughts, become liberated and powerful in the face of enslaving ignorance.

6 thoughts on “Question everything

  1. And that is what makes us “evil”, in their eyes. One thing they don’t tolerate is being questioned. The more fundamentalist they are, the more the hate comes out. Religion and liberty are like oil and water.

  2. yes! I completely agree! I get in so much trouble with people simply because I encourage people to do so. you should see the outrage I have started among my facebook friends simply by telling people to question what we are allowing to be put in our bodies. And that’s the *simplest* thing to be questioning!

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