A Satanic view on Easter

Tomorrow is Good Friday, a festival that the Christians celebrate involving nailing people to crosses, echoing the stories of Celtic Esus and Nordic Odin who suffered on a world tree in order to drink of its eternal wisdom.  I can guarantee few of the Christians as they go about their rituals, singing and worshipping will leave the Good Friday celebration any wiser than they entered it.

The best way to learn from anyone or anything is to do what they do.  So if one is to be like Satan for instance in the Independent Satanist paradigm one must actively pursue various Satanic ideas through the experiential doing.  Wisdom is active, it is sensory experience, like eating apples rather than talking about apples.  If Independent Satanism expresses liberty, what then is the Satanist doing developing liberty in their own lives?

If you participate actively in improving yourself in some skill such as learning to juggle you are going to suffer the pain of failure, the errors, the sweat and tears of struggle in evolving from a novice to a master of that skill.  This suffering to improve in a skill is what wisdom is, it is active and experiential, instead of an intellectual theory, the skill has become a part of you, internalized, a part of who you are, something wise and insightful.  In suffering to develop the skill you have metaphorically nailed yourself to the tree of life like Odin and you will drink deeply from the wisdom this activity will reveal.  The Christian unlike you will act out much like spectators at a sports match the life journey of someone else, but since they did not literally live out a journey through experiential doing they will remain the ignorant unwise parrots at the end of Good Friday as they were before that festival.

5 thoughts on “A Satanic view on Easter

  1. They don’t care about the true history. Tell them and they’ll ignore you.

    Most are just going thru the motions. I’m not sure what they get out of it. Maybe it’s just an excuse to get together with friends.

    It’s sad they need a church service to do that. But it makes me happy that the church has lost so much power that it’s not taken that seriously anymore.

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