An introduction to magick


What follows on the subject of magick is my personal views, some that you the reader might agree with, and some you may disagree with.  Question everything, and use what I say as contrast against what you believe and experience.  Each individual has their relative truth, I have mine.

Magick, science and nature

All things are nature, there is nothing beyond or outside of nature, thus to say supernatural or things beyond nature are relegated rightly to ignorant fantasy.  Magick follows the laws of nature, and thus using science in relation to the use of magick is a good strategy. Science deals with what is known and visible, but magick deals with what is unknown and invisible, what some call the occult (occult means “hidden”.)  Regardless of visible or invisible, science and magick both deal with nature, and as science progresses the division between the rational and irrational in nature blurs.  In all things an approach of the natural philosopher who treats all things as like an empiricist who can observe, demonstrate and experience a truth, regardless as visible knowledge or invisible wisdom, is a way of staying centered between the rigorous demands of the material and the spiritual aspects of magick.

There are in the Left Hand Path two recognised divisions of magick, which some describe as lesser and greater magick.

Lesser magick

I would suggest that lesser magick is better called magic without the “k” for it deals with known variables solidly within the known visible world of nature.  Lesser magick is a knowledge-based process. Lesser magick manipulates outcomes by using solid science to move visible objects to defined goals, such as striking a match will make a flame.

There are two types of lesser magick: technology and mentalism.


Of course the magick of Harry Potter is entertaining fantasy, for magick follows the natural laws of science, so that waving willow wands in the air whilst making meaningless noises in the Latin language results in impotent nothingness.  But through the application of science in technology, all that which is seen in the Harry Potter films is possible from invisibility, to firing bolts of lightning to walking on water.  Technology is a form of lesser magick.


The manipulation of the human senses and processes of the brain is mentalism, which includes card tricks, seduction, hypnotism, visualization and plain old commercial marketing.  Mentalism manipulates the mind into thinking and doing things under the control of the mentalist.  Mentalism is a form of lesser magick.

Greater magick

I define greater magick as making something out of nothing.  Greater magick deals with the invisible side of nature, manifesting the hidden into the visible world.  Those who deal with greater magick are philosophers for they deal with wisdom, whereas lesser magick is knowledge-based and is useful to the scholar in the Left Hand Path.  Those that follow the knowledge based road of rationalistic Left Hand Path outlooks will limit themselves to the known visible world of the lesser magick.  Those that follow the road of the greater magick step outside the domains of known science, they must use irrational methods of intuition and speculation in order to find the invisible in a wisdom-based situation.  The scholar is blind to the wisdom-based road of the greater magick, they will reasonably reject it as meaningless delusion; their blindness limits their ability to go beyond their self-imposed boundaries into the highly irrational states of greater magick.

Greater magick is based in nature, it is only the invisible side of nature.  The greater magick is a form of creativity, for those that use the greater magick are creating visible objects out of invisible material.  The greater magick is like art, and the rules of creativity apply, to see, build then activate the object from the invisible into the visible state.

12 thoughts on “An introduction to magick

  1. Certainly! I have often said that magic is just what science hasn’t discovered yet, and I do practice magick. I am often at my happiest when I have a routine I go through regularly, though it often goes in waves, as I often don’t have the time or privacy I’d like to practice.
    It’s such an art, and energetic means of communing with the Universe, unraveling the ins of the self, and bringing forth a manifestation of the consciousness.

  2. I think that is a pretty good description of greater and lesser magic. I certainly agree that both are within nature. Personally I do use the word supernatural sometimes as a short-hand although to me it has always meant “not fully understood by science yet” rather than anything that is outside science and nature. I also like the link you make between Greater Magic and artistry, although I think Lesser Magic can be creatively used as well. Cassie

  3. That’s a great reat article.

    If you haven’t done already, I would suggest some books to take a look:
    Jason King – Postmodern Satanism
    “Three Initiates” – The Kybalion
    Peter Carroll – Liber Null
    Phil Hine – Five Essays Exploring Modern Tantra

    And for more details about the East-West dichotomy:
    Fritjof Capra – The Tao of Physics

  4. I disagree with those definitions and division of magick. It was made in times where physical things were considered as lesser, while mental things are greater while now we know this is illusion. Physical is projection of mental/spiritual so they both matter equally. Changing physical, practical things in life for the better are possible only when we change our mental perception. Spirit is the primary mover, source of creation but since physicality is result but also a form of spirit, changing it changes spiritual. They are connected because there is no barrier between creator and creations, they’re all the same. Our life is us.

    Scientific approach to magick fails because magick is based on rules but different then those that can be applied to science. Subjectivity rules when it comes to magick, while in science objectivity is everything. I do agree that magick is based on some nature laws so there is some predictability and can be researched in a certain way but rather as a pseudo science, not real science.

    Science deals with theories that can be falsified and if there is no way to test it in objective way (mysticism is not falsifiable, hence it;s not scientific), it is outside scope of science. Magick and even quantum physics need different approach, because observer has influence on the outcome so objectivity and repetition are not possible (thus there is no sure falsification – science basic rules cannot be applied).

    • Hi Zalbarath, thanks for your insights. You may agree that my shadow is dependent upon my material form for its existence, and it moves only when my physical form moves; my shadow has no impact upon my physical form. How I see reality is on two fronts, firstly that the visible side of nature is nothing more than a shadow; and second, what is visible is spent energy, that is potential energy converted into kinetic energy, thus it is a byproduct of something else. You might agree that your shadow is not equal to your material form that it was cast off; in the same way the invisible is not the equal to the visible.

      Chaos energy is the basic raw material of matter, but needs some force such as gravity or even the human mind to shape and form it into something visible.

      I consider everything is Nature, nothing exists beyond Nature, so that laws in Nature will determine the success or failure of those who use natural processes they call Magick to bring about outcomes.

      • You project newtonian physics on magick. I see this done by many people and it may work for them… but only because magick is subjective and because they believe in such dynamic of it, it presents that way to them. But magick works on completely different set of law that have more in common with psychology or quantum physics then by kinetic/potential energy, action/reaction, etc.

        For example: I saw people dueling on magick and they thought it’s dependable of their will and focus. They imagined their protection fields like a force fields from sci-fi movies and attack as form of energy beam that has to be strong enough to penetrate or brake the barrier.

        In reality, no matter how much you could focus or strain yourself, if the person that is under attack is self confident (there are various mental areas but let’s simplify it at the moment), there is no way you could done any harm or create any imbalance in energy field of that person, that may be not even aware of “an attack”. Your influence ends where self confidence of other person’s begins. It is true to normal life and it is true on energy/magick/spiritual level. Only uncertainty creates a whole in that barrier that others may use. That is why curses don’t work so easily as people would like to. If they did, politicians or public persons would drop like flays, because there are so many people hating them…

        Also magnitude is completely different so the scale of your magick effects doesn’t depend on strength of focus (mind doesn’t work like a muscle, you don’t have to strain it, but you do have to repeat certain things to create programs, the pathways of energy flows) but the capacity to allow energy go through you and self esteem and healthy ego once again makes it happen.

        It’s of course more complicated then I described it above but nevertheless many chaos magick concepts base on flaw premises of newtonian laws behavior.

      • I do share your ideas, though each individual must determine their own strategy for magick, mine is based a lot on science. There are many roads to the same result, which is why the LHP is a good path to live by.

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