A Satanic view on the State

Recent news that the US spy agency the CIA had been spying on the senators supposed to oversee them was the moment that the State lost all meaning to me as a Satanist.  The senators who were supposed to be leading the USA had been undermined by a rogue out of control agency.  Neither supporting or seeking the destruction of the State, I use it to advance my personal goals and nothing more.

At its core the State ideally is comparable to a cooperative, working for the benefit of the members, but in all cases throughout present and past history the State has served a minority at the expense of the majority.  It is estimated in recent figures that the top 1% control 39% of the wealth of the world.  All the laws, processes and institutions of the State are weighed in favour of the top 1%, who through financial influence can always swing the State in their favour.  A poor citizen can rarely challenge the top because money is required to challenge and make sense of the complexity of law and process the top 1% spin around themselves to maintain their hegemony.

Carl Jung said it beautifully when he described the State as like a religion:

The dictator State has one great advantage over bourgeois reason: along with the individual it swallows up his religious forces. The State takes the place of God; that is why, seen from this angle, the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship. But the religious function cannot be dislocated and falsified in this way without giving rise to secret doubts, which are immediately repressed so as to avoid conflict with the prevail trend towards mass-mindedness. […] The policy of the State is exalted to a creed, the leader or party boss becomes a demigod beyond good and evil, and his votaries are honoured as heroes, martyrs, apostles, missionaries. There is only one truth and beside it no other. It is sacrosanct and above criticism. Anyone who thinks differently is a heretic, who, as we know from history, is threatened with all manner of unpleasant things. Only the party boss, who holds the political power in his hands, can interpret the State doctrine authentically, and he does so just as suits him.”

As a Satanist I am past the delusion that the State works for its members benefit, instead I make the State work in my favor by playing its clockwork-like mechanisms in ways that benefit me.

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