Satanism and censorship

Sometimes censorship is desirable.

Sometimes censorship is desirable.

As Satanists many of us are already aware that good and evil is subjective, yet many continue to be caught by this delusion in areas such as censorship.  Censorship is a tool, like my knife, it is how censorship is used that makes it either a tool of tyranny or one that is constructive.  My knife can be used to slice cheese or kill someone.  Censorship such as Akismet on this blog censors spam, but the censorship of President Obama against whistle blowers who reveal corrupt practices in his government is a harmful form of censorship.

I hope people can get away from the notion that censorship is evil in all cases.  Censorship is a way of placing boundaries that filter out harmful elements, such as a firewall and virus software protects my computer from viruses.  I have no desire to let random strangers into my home, access to my bank account or steal one of my kidneys.  I have boundaries to protect my life from undesirable outcomes, which is a form of censorship.

On this blog I do censor comments. I have deleted comments that are spam, off-topic, retarded, racist and personally abusive.  This blog is my personal space, and I will with maximum prejudice have authority over my personal spaces in life.  I have had angry commentators tell me I am evil for censoring their abusive comments, but then I point out to them censorship is a tool, and their claims of authority to be able to write whatever they like wherever they like is a delusion.

4 thoughts on “Satanism and censorship

  1. People that make a habit of crying “CENSORSHIP!!!” can’t even define the term.
    I’m not sure what the law is in the UK, but here it violates the 1st amendment to the Constitution and has to do with what’s called “prior restraint”. Explanation here
    It has nothing to do with deleting comments on a personal blog. They can start their own blog and not have to worry about being “censored” (unless they violate laws on kiddie porn, etc). They have no right to post crap comments on anyones personal blog, so censorship doesn’t even apply. It’s not censoring. It’s editing.
    I guess I’m lucky. I’ve only had one fundie xtian make an asinine comment, and I wrote an article on his idiocy to illustrate my points on xtian tactics.

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