Independent Satanism and the internet

Although there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of Satanists who identify as Independent Satanists, those that follow a personal form of Satanism free of the influence of group, dogma and externally influenced structure, the Independent Satanic paradigm is still in its infancy on the internet.

Internet breaks group monopoly over Satanism but hides group-minded traps.
It is directly thanks to the internet that the monopoly of group-think has been broken up, where the Satanist via a few clicks can access information on Satanism whilst avoiding affiliation to the enslaving influence of groups via the internet.  Sadly most information sources on the internet fall into the trap of becoming group-orientated, for instance Venus Satanas an internet pioneer of Independent Satanism created a contradiction when creating a now defunct group for Independent Satanists called the “Infernal Horde.”

When a web site offers a service in support of Independent Satanism there is a fine line between enslaving the individual in group-think and respecting the personal sovereignty of the individual Satanist.  It is fine for a blog or YouTube channel to offer fixed viewpoints, since these are tools of personal manifestation, one however has to be careful in offering a service such as say the Sect of the Horned God, which quickly falls into the RHP group-minded trap.

Satanic political groups and businesses have to be group-minded to function.
It is okay for a political activist group such as The Satanic Temple or a Satanic business to take the group-minded route, since the success of the goals such groups pursue is dependent upon the constituents acting as like an organised army or become a disorganised mess.  With such groups the independent Satanist temporarily surrenders individuality to participate in a team where all constituents benefit; most Satanic groups however demand that the Satanist permanently surrenders individuality, where there is no discernible personal benefit to slavery even from the outset.

There are few quality internet sites on Independent Satanism.
Beyond a good blog article by Venus Satanas on the concept of Independent Satanism that she wrote in 2009 there are few resources available on the internet on Independent Satanism that does not have a hidden trap of enslaving the individual attached to them.  An example is a recently formed Independent Society of Satanists (I.S.S) based in New York, which right from the start excludes spiritually inclined Independent Satanists:

“I’m sorry to say right off the bat that there are no Theistic Satanists allowed, it just to much of a hassle.”

An ideal internet site for Independent Satanists
The ideal internet service for Independent Satanists offer a one-on-one relationship, that caters for the needs of that individual without undermining personal sovereignty, or enslaving them to group-think.

4 thoughts on “Independent Satanism and the internet

  1. Hi there thank you for the mention – the HISS (Horde of Indepenent SatanistS) was meant as a meeting place for Satanists of all kinds and thusly was never labeled as a group. We thought that the word ‘horde’ more accurately described it, as a horde is chaotic and not driven by a singular goal.

    That being said, the HISS didn’t last so long as it was built on the old-style google news list which was replaced, like so many other things, with discussions on facebook and other social media, where a wider variety of people can participate, much in the same way as we did on HISS

    I still maintain my independence ever as before and promote it as the best style of Satanism available to Satanists today, and in the future….

    • Hi Venus Satanas. Thanks for your comments and background on the HISS. I have read a lot of your writings and you have been one of those that have helped inspire new Satanists. Independent Satanism is indeed the best style of Satanism available.

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