A Satanic view on the death penalty

I watched a video on the internet about the death penalty which had me thinking on my Satanic position on this subject: I as a Satanist support the death penalty.

I support the guillotine as the method of execution.

I support the guillotine as the method of execution.

As a Satanist I support the idea of lex talionis, the concept that if you take a life, then you lose your own life.  Lex talionis is a reasonable viewpoint that you receive what you sow.  Secondly, is the idea that after the age of 18 you are responsible for your own actions, thus no blaming Satan, god, parents or that priest that sexually abused you in childhood for a murder in adulthood, you take responsibility for your action and its consequences.  Thirdly, we are the agents of our own fate through our choices, so if we choose to murder another human being, then our choice leads to a possible outcome of execution, we are the agents of misfortune or success of our own choices.

There are a few pseudo-Satanists such as the Order of Nine Angles (ONA) who through their group-minded and Right Hand Path affiliated postings on the internet promote murder, rape of children and sacrifice of anyone that is not of their own kind, including of Satanists.  These psychopaths call me a mundane, and they advocate my murder because I happen not to be a group-minded slave to their own collective cult; they consider me weak and inferior, but then my viewpoint is without mercy or weakness on matters of the death penalty, if they kill another person, an ONA psychopath will be executed.

I also hope the execution process might change in the USA.  I say that from conviction to the moment the convict dies is one month or less, with one appeal, and no subjective-orientated option of pardons.  The savings made by reducing incarceration of death row inmates to one month instead of ten or more years can provide the financing for the best lawyers that money can buy to fight for the life of those accused of capital crimes, decreasing the chances of miscarriages of justice.

Lastly, the method of execution I support is by beheading using a guillotine, a highly efficient and visually impacting method of killing.  Losing your head is a concrete and powerful image compared to an abstract notion of death by lethal injection.



10 thoughts on “A Satanic view on the death penalty

  1. “Lastly, the method of execution I support is by beheading using a guillotine, ”

    There are some fundamentalists here that think this is what their ‘new world order’ has in store for them.
    They think they will be beheaded and every once in a while they would post stories about actual guillotines being found. or being transported, etc. So, you might get some trackbacks from christian sites. lol

    Anyway, I think beheading isn’t ‘sterile” enough. Too much blood. Too traumatic. That doesn’t mean I disagree with you though. I just don’t think it would be well-received by the general public.

    My understanding on how they do it, or maybe used to do it in Russia was a bullet to the back of the head, as they were routinely transferring a prisoner. They never saw it coming. I like that idea.

    I agree with you on these endless appeals. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    • Ha ha, glad I can add to the hysteria of Christian fundies 🙂

      What I like about the guillotine is that the idea of a head being chopped off is a graphic image that sticks in the imagination. A bullet to the head is just as effective, but does not conjure up much in the imagination.

      The endless appeals and the 10+ year incarcerations is a form of cruel and mental torture.

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