Good and evil is subjective

Honor, law, morality, ethics, all are rules.  Good and evil, is a subjective judgement based upon rules, the subjective point of good marked by compliance to the rule, the label of evil projected upon others based on their breaking of the rule.  I as a Satanist proudly embrace my evil nature, since I am a rule breaker.  My Satanism liberates me from the conformist mediocrity of other people’s rules.

Truth is relative, so are other people’s human-made rules.  I reject blind obedience to artificially manufactured rules, which often are created for the purpose of the ruler to benefit at the expense of the ruled.  In dealing with other people’s rules I calculate the positive and negative of doing so, I may obey the rule one day, and break it the next day.  I am formless, in that I will apply my own strategies to other people’s rules based upon my goals and situation, thus I am unpredictable, unlike the slave who will follow the rule regardless of outcome.

I highlight my contempt for artificially manufactured rules, but I will respect natural laws, such as that of gravity.  Place my hand into fire I will burn my hand, it is the nature of fire to burn hands, thus I respect the natural law of fire that it burns you by avoiding putting my hand into the flames.  In contrast the human rule “don’t steal” is a nonsense, all objects in nature constantly steal from each other to live, and humanity steals the life of animals or plants to feed himself.

Conclusion: respect natural laws, but apply the wisdom of benefit when obeying the artificially human-created rules.


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