A view on the taxation of religion

I agree and disagree with the prevailing viewpoint of Satanists that churches should be taxed.

In agreement, I believe that the business activities of a religion should be taxed.  In disagreement with many Satanists I consider there should be no taxation of donations to churches.  If I want to donate my money to anyone or anything I have no wish the State taking some of the donation from me in taxation.  My earnings have already been taxed, I find it disagreeable that my earnings donated to another party must be taxed again.  Similarly, any activities that might be considered charitable activities such as helping the homeless should be exempt from taxation.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “A view on the taxation of religion

  1. I think charities are scams. Most money doesn’t go where they claim it will go.

    If I want to help someone, and I have done this, then I will do it myself. But I did learn to never give money. I paid for food, gas, etc. and kept the receipt. I lived on the road for a while and I saw people that needed this help.

    When it comes to taxing churches, it’s long overdue. But with the glut of vacant churches here in the US, they may as well leave things as they are. Cant get blood out of a turnip.

    • I identify with your criticisms of charities, which includes too much donor money wasted on administration.

      It seems the churches have assets that would be better sold or used for social projects. There is a case here for imposing property taxes on unused churches.

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