The individual and internet Satanic groups

On a certain internet forum for about two weeks has been an argument raging principally between two people asserting their dominion over a dying and discredited Satanic group.  In the argument is the name dropping of countless anonymous pseudonyms allegedly as authorities of the group, which led to one outsider commentator asking if all these people are real.

Satanism on the internet is word-soup, all Satanic groups on the internet are run by one or a few people, often using multiple online personas using group status to assert their authority over Satanism.  Even the Church of Satan since the death of its founder Anton LaVey is no more than a badly run marketing operation, with an excel membership list and a jazzed-up website run by a husband-wife team based in New York.

Satanic real-life presence is mostly individuals, most who like me won’t go round with “Satanist” labelled to our forehead.  There might be a few Right Hand Path group-minded Satanic cults around, but Satanists mainly come together in real life only when there is a conference or festival.

My Satanic online presence is limited to this blog, and I am helping with an information site for independent Satanists, these are ways that I manifest my creative Satanic will on the internet, and hopefully it benefits others in the process, but I see no point going beyond this.  One has to be mindful that all internet Satanic groups are nothing more than a few egotistical people running group-minded operations that benefit themselves at the expense of their followers.


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